Enterprise mobility: The list of what's in, what's out

Enterprise mobility: The list of what's in, what's out

Summary: How is mobility changing the game for enterprise IT.


San Diego - Mobility is having a big impact on IT. At the Gartner Catalyst Conference Monday research vice presidents Paul DeBeasi and Jack Santos presented 14 things that are out and what is replacing them.


Out In
Us (IT) Me
Corporate devices My device
Business tools My tools
Office hours Any hours
Crackberry iPhone
Laptops Tablets
Ethernet + 3G 802.11 + LTE
Flash HTML 5
Email, servers Twitter, Dropbox
Support Self-help
Control Freedom
Security Say what?
Repair Dispose
No Yes

Add to the list. What do you think mobility is moving out in favor of something new?

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Topics: Mobility, Enterprise 2.0


John Fontana is a journalist focusing on authentication, identity, privacy and security issues. Currently, he is the Identity Evangelist for strong authentication vendor Yubico, where he also blogs about industry issues and standards work, including the FIDO Alliance.

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  • Rough seas ahead!

    This list pretty much made every compliance / risk / HR officer throw up.

    The attitude is screaming "To heck with governance!" Employees can do whatever they want now a days. Where did this entitlement attitude come from?

    I don't agree with the locked down enterprise but controls are a valuable thing. I might switch to a legal career as I sense a lot of lawsuits coming in the next few years.
  • Industry is challenging.

    Break the rule where ever the employee feels it prevents him from performing/achieving. Now a days the initiative and responsibility are to be more for an employee to be a good performer in this competitve field.
    Maturity level should get improved, is what I would say. At the same time ensure proper security is in place.
  • sreesiv

    Out In
    ^^^ ^^^
    Heaven Hell