Entrepreneur Tech: iPhone apps from savvy startups

Entrepreneur Tech: iPhone apps from savvy startups

Summary: Startups are creating innovative mobile apps destined for success. This week, 17-year-old Nick D'Alosio sold his Summly app to Yahoo for about $30 million. We look at other iPhone apps created by startups that could also be in the same position one day.


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  • (Image: Celly)


    Founded by Russell Okamoto and Greg Passmore, Celly aims to create networks where existing social networks don’t work.

    Celly provides a quick way to form a group that everyone can join. Participants can be organized into cells of unlimited size by texting a single message.

    In schools, students and teachers can communicate with Celly whilst keeping phone numbers private. Group messages can be moderated by one or more curators to keep conversations on-topic.

    For city governments, businesses, and neighborhoods, each bureau, office, or block can communicate internally using private cells, which can be linked together into a larger network using hashlinks.

  • (Image: GymPact)


    GymPact, based in San Francisco, California, sets a committment for you to go to the gym — with a financial penalty if you don't get there. If you meet your committment, you get a financial reward.

    Your penalties go towards paying other GymPact members that meet their exercise commitments. It is integrated with Runkeeper for when you excercise outside.

    Founders Yifan Zhang and Geoff Oberhofer secured $118,000 funding in January 2012, with a further $850,000 in June 2012.

  • (Image: Hubble)


    Hubble is a private sharing app that gives the family one place to see messages, check-ins, and shared experiences. Hubblegrams — digital postcards — can be sent to selected family members within your private Hubbe network.

    Hubble's purpose is to help you stay connected with the people you are closest to — your family. You can stay in touch, share experiences, and remember special and everyday moments of your family's life.

    Hubble founders Robert Evans and Andre Neumann-Loreck run Hubble from San Francisco, California.

Topics: Start-Ups, Mobility, Software

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  • Yay, 99 cent app that cost how many tens of thousands or more to make?

    The economy is saved!

    Well, Apple is, and some customers whipping out 99 cents are, but I'd hate to be the one who - you know - does the dang work in the first place and for a pittance... people should try working and then realize what their own time really is worth, or else they choose to be slaves.
    • Those who can, do. Those who can't

      complain and point fingers.
  • Zero for 13

    Thirteen apps and not a single one that seems the least bit useful or interesting. Did the author just close her eyes and pick 13 apps at random from the app store?