Envy x2 brings HP into tablet-ultrabook era: Hands on

Envy x2 brings HP into tablet-ultrabook era: Hands on

Summary: The 11.6-inch Envy x2 runs on Intel's new Clover Trail processor and offers a sleek take on the current hybrid craze.


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  • As far as the tablet component goes, from the front it looks pretty much like any slate. The screen is high-quality, though, with a brightness of 400 nits.

    HP will also provide an optional stylus for writing on the screen.

    In order to stand out from the crowd a little, HP is bundling proprietary features such as its HP Connected Photo for streaming photos across multiple devices.

    Image credit: David Meyer

  • From the back, the tablet is clearly part of the Envy line, not only thanks to the large HP logo, but also due to its brushed metal finish.

    Like other models of the Envy line, the x2 also includes Beats Audio technology.

    The device's rear camera has an eight-megapixel resolution, while the front-facing video calling camera is simply referred to as an HD webcam.

    Other hardware features include NFC support and an unspecified capacity SSD.

    Image credit: David Meyer

  • This shot of the Envy x2's ports gives an idea of how thin it is.

    The tablet and keyboard have a combined weight of 1.41kg. On its own, the tablet weighs 680g.

    Image credit: David Meyer

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  • A little girl

    All these tablet/notebook hybrids! You have no idea how giddy I am right now (giggling like a little girl). I'm actually *looking forward* to buying my next Windows notebook, now!

    As an owner of an ASUS Transformer I speak with first hand experience when I say: this is the new portable computing paradigm... and it's AWESOME!
  • Hardware Has Finally Caught Up With Gates' Vision

    Ten years after championing tablet computing, hardware (and software) have finally caught up with Mr. Gates' vision - and yes Apple fanboys, it is NOT an invention of the wunderkind (although he did advance the ball tremendously).

    Like dsf3g, I too can't wait for the party to begin. It is turning out that "Post-PC' is really going to be "Extended-PC" giving you desktop class performance and full peripheral access when needed, and tablet portability and entertainment when desired. I also can't wait for Mr. Cook to announce the MacBook Air Convertible Tablet (maybe iPad Air?) in fall 2013 proclaiming that Apple has designed the "Extended-PC" right (compared to the rest of the pedestrian world).
  • And then a month after it is launched

    they abandon it, right?
    Michael Alan Goff