Epic troll: JP Morgan's failed #AskJPM shows people are paying attention

Epic troll: JP Morgan's failed #AskJPM shows people are paying attention

Summary: Last week, JP Morgan announced on its Twitter feed that it would do an open Q&A using the #AskJPM hashtag. It was canceled due to epic, highly informed, trolling.


Last Wednesday morning J.P. Morgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JPM) announced on Twitter that it would host a live Q & A session with its Vice Chairman Jimmy Lee on Twitter today, Thursday, November 14.

Once Twitter users started asking pointed, humorous and critical questions using the #AskJMP hashtag, J.P. Morgan canceled the Q & A due to a Twitter storm consisting of epic, highly informed, trolling.

The target of eight Justice department investigations and facing new allegations about dubious, large payments to members of China's elite to increase its standing in China discovered the hard way that - surprise, surprise - the so-called unwashed masses are paying attention.

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Don't be fooled by headlines and news coverage currently portraying J.P. Morgan as a victim of typical Internet abuse.

Some headlines claim that what happened here is "a Twitter problem" - rather than a problem with the financial giant's reputation and public awareness about its actions.

What happened today was civil and whipsmart.

It proves that the public is informed, wide awake, and most definitely not apathetic.

In fact, this might be a uniquely democratic moment for Twitter.

Here are a few highlights from the #AskJPM hashtag (still active) showing that what was directed at J.P. Morgan was not typical internet trolling - not by a longshot:

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  • Every once in a while ...

    the American public, gets it right ! Wall Street must earn it's way back into America's good graces. Not there yet !
    • Return to the good old days

      This is so bogus and totally uninformed. Its as people forget that we live in a capitalist society and all our achievements and economic, industrial growth based on our financial a system. Twitter just went public Facebook and everyone else who can. Anyone who can takes advantage of the system but sit back and tweets about how altruistic and socially conscious they are. If you talk to any one about Snowden, its like " what"? We are all hypocrites who talk about everything but never move from the couch.
  • I do not and have never lived in Massachussets

    But I sorely wished I did when Elizabeth Warren was running for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts. I would have helped to vote her into office in a New York minute!
    Rabid Howler Monkey
  • How Hippocratic public are !

    Folks need Wall Street for making profit, double, triple savings, dont' save but make quick bucks.

    Co listed in Wall Street fails to make profit - It'll be blamed by the so called investors.
    If they make profit, blamed by public, but the same public go and buy their shares.

    What do we expect from these corporate then. They're in a Fix due to us, the general public. Are we the Hippocrates to blame in first place.
    • I dunno...

      ...I've never taken the Hippocratic Oath. Even so, I am surprised to find so many of us are named Hippocrates. Is this some kind of new trend?
      Nell Anvoid
      • Maybe it's something teenagers are into now?

  • Not one of those tweets was actually

    informed at all. Just regurgitated occupy wallstreet crap.
    • Do you actually read the news?

      baggins_z, we're talking about a huge corporation that has repeatedly, and flagrantly, violated a number of laws without a single person going to jail. If this is "occupy wall street crap", maybe the OWS people have a point. I don't understand the attitude that says if you make a certain amount of money, you should be above the law; it does seem to be quite prevalent in the media, though.
  • Great article!

    Thanks for this article. Wonderful!