Equinix celebrates launch of SY3-II datacentre with Senator Conroy

Equinix celebrates launch of SY3-II datacentre with Senator Conroy

Summary: Pictures from the SY3-II launch in Alexandria on November 15.


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  • (Credit: Equinix)

    Equinix yesterday launched phase two of its Sydney 3 International Business Exchange datacentre facility (SY3-II) in Alexandria, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) onboard as one of its first customers.

    The datacentre expansion set the company back US$39.4 million, and has added an additional 22,927 square feet of space, along with 1,000 cabinets, doubling the capacity from the facility's phase-one launch. The network operations centre is located in Singapore.

    Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy was at the SY3-II ceremony, spruiking the benefits of datacentres supporting cloud services. He said that these would, in turn, be supported by the impending National Broadband Network (NBN).

    Prior to the launch, AWS announced that it has set up "availability zones" for Australian customers that want to host their content in the company's public cloud service locally. It was only confirmed yesterday — despite it being the worst-kept secret in the industry — that it is using Equinix's SY3-II datacentre.

    Local cloud provider Ninefold has come out swinging at its foreign competitor, claiming that because AWS is a US company, it is still under the pervue of the US Patriot Act regardless of whether it is hosting content onshore.

    The Patriot Act is said to give the US government unbridled access to data hosted by US companies no matter where it is stored. AWS has dismissed Ninefold's concerns, noting that the Patriot Act is not as strict as data laws in other countries. This view is shared by Microsoft, which runs Azure public cloud services.

    The Commonwealth Bank is one of AWS' customers in the process of moving its customer-facing services to the local facility.

    Equinix will wrap up its SY3 expansion plans with phase 3, which will add another 1,000 cabinets in the facility.

  • (Credit: Equinix)

    Senator Conroy with Equinix managing director Tony Simonsen.

  • (Credit: Equinix)

    Senator Conroy speaking.

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