Error 404: Page Not Found. Just kidding.

Error 404: Page Not Found. Just kidding.

Summary: There's no reason why an irritating page problem can't also be amusing.

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    Ecard website JibJab has attempted to use their 404 page as a way to reflect the humorous nature of their website, but frankly, it could be described as more creepy and less funny. 


  • The blue screen of death

    There's certainly no reason why a 404 page has to be boring, so why not give your users a heart-stopping moment if they happen to be fans of Microsoft's Windows operating system?


    The guys at Huwshimi and Friends have their own well-illustrated, eye-catching design -- that of a ninja stealing the page you're after. 


Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Rolling Stones

    Nothing can top this 404 page:
    Tim Acheson
  • Cute

    When I first clicked on the article, I got a real 404 page not found message. I don't know if that was deliberate or a weird coincidence, but it was still cute.

    In any case, that Notfound organization service seems like a good way to make better use of one of the more inevitable glitches of the Internet
  • Distracting

    Most businesses aren't interested in distracting customers from finding what they are looking for. It's bad enough you'd serve them up a 404, but to offer them a page that might actually derail them from continuing to look for what they were originally searching for is counter-productive, no matter how well intended the cause is.
    • 404 project

      The distraction factor does not apply. Sites have too options in the way they can apply this to their 404 pages:

      a) Replace their existing page, many of which have no useful information or advice on how to find anything, with a page provided by the

      b) They can embed a script for this into their existing page so that whatever information is on there about how to find what they were looking for is also still available.

      Over 3000 sites have now registered with the for this. It costs nothing and there is no logical reason for any site not to do so.

      Anyone who has a missing child or knows some who does will tell you how valuable this is to help locate missing children and is actively supported by missing child organisations.

      The aim is to have millions of sites registering for this. Currently only Euopean cases are displayed but it will expand elsewhere, including USA and Canada.
  • Lighten up!

    Actually, the whole point of the 404 page (and as a Southerner, I object to using the area code for Atlanta to mean "lost"; why not 415, referring to Haight-Ashbury?) is that the normal automatic methods failed to find what was probably an expired external, or worse internal, link. Any or all of these "enhanced" pages ought to include a way to contact the webmaster to report the problem, and a customer service number to get the info in some other way from the company. If they do not include this after the "joke" then I agree, they probably are not that responsible. Of course, humor sites such as JibJab do not have pages that are really critical; if you got there too late for joke 865, browse for some others.

    Seriously, why did they choose the area code of Atlanta to mean "lost"? To insult our street layout?
  • Apologies for Taking Offense

    I have since googled (sorry, Googled (TM)) the origin of code 404, and apparently it is just a sequentially assigned code in the 400 series (client errors), which has been turned by an urban legend into a reference to ROOM 404 in the CERN office building. I suspected it was not an attempt to slur Atlanta, but it appealed to one of the few conspiracy theories that appeal to me. If we REALLY wanted to copy a telephone area code to mean "page not found", we would have used 202 (Washington, DC). Have a geeky day, everyone! ;-)