Essential 'must-have' apps for small businesses

Essential 'must-have' apps for small businesses

Summary: What mobile apps can make running a business easier and less time consuming for SMBs?

TOPICS: Apps, Android, Apple, Mobility

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  • ReceiptBank

    Name: ReceiptBank

    Compatibility: Apple iOS | Android

    Price: Free, subscription

    ReceiptBank is an expenses app which can help small to medium-sized businesses keep their accounts in order. The UK-based app allows you to photograph each receipt, click "submit for processing" and within 72 hours will appear on your subscription account. You can then log in to your account online, review receipts and download expense reports. 

  • DocuSign

    Name: DocuSign

    Compatibility: Apple iOS | Android

    Price: Free

    DocuSign is a handy app that takes the performance out of acquiring and logging signatures for contracts. You can use your mobile device to sign documents, receive digital signatures and forward them on through the web.

Topics: Apps, Android, Apple, Mobility

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  • hmm

    Why no love for Windows phone. A lot of these apps are on windows phone. Also you left out the biggest app for small business. Office.
    • well, she did

      if you read, unless it was edited in between.. she included MS Office 365 and Apple iWorks in her suggestion for Googles Office Suit..

      as a Win 8 user, I agree.. she seemed to over look some of these same apps are available, I don't use any of them, MS Office and I write my own anything else or use an existing MS / HTC included software.

      As for the apps.. they are all good...
      JS Consulting
    • Yeah

      Yeah, that seem to be the case, example onedrive for is in more business than dropbox, but dropbox is mention and office 365 is left out.
  • "...useful set for businesses just starting up." maybe starting up

    but it's features are lacking severely enough that you will outgrow it quickly. We have them here but they are not used very much. Libre Office would be a better alternative until you can afford a better toolset.
    • What sort of business are we discussing?

      As the focus of the business has a large bearing on the requirements of the tool set.

      I have a good apps for business, and it's fine for all the paperwork/admin side of the business.
      BUT, I do a lot of work for a particular client that uses a lot of .csv and "other" delimited files. Google sheets just isn't convenient for this (being generous, it's a pain). Excel is needed for this use case, as it is for the finance bods, and the MI gang.

      Likewise I can't remember the number of bad documents I receive that have been written in Word. A tool doesn't produce a good document, people do. I've received a number of very good documents that have been originally produce in Google Docs and exported to Word.
      Clear presentation, concise content, and good English are still the most important aspects of any document.
      • *Google Apps

        Edit button please??????