Essential tech: What keeps one ZDNet writer on the road?

Essential tech: What keeps one ZDNet writer on the road?

Summary: Writing isn't just sitting at a desk waiting for the news to happen. It often requires a prepared bag of kit for travel to report at the source. Here's what Zack Whittaker keeps in his on-the-go bag.


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  • Glasses

    My eyesight has deteriorated ever so slightly over the past few years -- probably something to do with being fixed to a computer monitor or television for more hours of the day than I probably should have done during my teenage years.

    These glasses are nothing too fancy and have no branding. The lenses are designed for my shortsightedness which prevents me from seeing things at a distance. During a European Union midday briefing around a year ago, I thought "enough was enough," and would get my eyes checked. Behold, the need to wear glasses; otherwise I can't see a damn thing more than 20 meters away. 

  • Ibuprofen (200mg)

    If I were to ever end up stranded on a desert island, I would have a near-unlimited supply of ibuprofen. There's nothing worse than being in a foreign country and either not speaking the language or know where you're going with a headache so heavy that it could kill a small elephant.

    My personal trouble is that I suffer with Tourette's syndrome. Dozens of times a day, I violently twitch my head which not only strains my neck and back muscles but also often results in an excruciating headache. My cure: ibuprofen, because for some reasons paracetamol doesn't quite take the edge off.

  • U.K. passport

    Not very techy, one might think. On two fronts, I keep this with me at all times in my on-the-go bag because without it I can't get on a flight to where I need to be. That's a given -- sure -- but it also acts as age identification for when I'm abroad. Some countries still have antiquated laws when it comes to buying over-the-counter drugs, such as headache tablets, or buying liquor.

    The more interesting part is the chip in the back of the passport. Where it has my nationality and pretty mugshot, the plastic laminated chip-laden page allows me to walk back through the U.K. border using e-passport gates -- unmanned, automated barriers to re-enter the country -- which is particularly useful during peak-times, such as the Olympics.

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  • May I have your pounds

    Please? You look like you don't want them having them scatted around like that.
  • I believe your MacBook Air model qualifies but I could be mistaken, however

    now that Mountain Lion is available - and one of the enhancements to ML is AirPlay - I was wondering two things.

    1. Have you updated to ML?
    2. If you have, and IF that model is compatible with MacBook Air video transmissions to an HDTV set via AirPlay .. will you include that little "hockey puck" of an Apple hobby device called Apple TV in your travel bag, Zack?

    The reason I ask is it might come in handy to show a group of people "something" that is on your computer on a handy large screen HDTV set. With AirPlay and a WiFi source, that would be possible if you had that little "hockey puck" along with you.

    BTW, if you needed a local WiFi signal and a mobile file storage device "all in one", than the Seagate GoFlex Satellite mobile HD (500 GB) + WiFi transmitter is a device that I would recommend highly.

    You never know when you might have time to relax and watch a digital movie or two stored on that device or listen to a musical song from a VERY large mobile song library residing on that Seagate unit.

    Just a suggestion, Road Warrior.
    • PS - OS X 10.8 ML has a feature called "Power Nap".

      Power Nap should work on your MBA, Zack, because of it's SSD. Power Nap should give you some extra minutes of battery power per charge.
  • Website

    First you should have the next button both at the top and bottom of each page so we don't have to scroll up OR you could just put it all on a single page - God forbid we should not have to wait for all the ad's to load every time we go to the next item.

    just pretend the user is trying to get some content out of the piece.
  • Nameless pieces of kit

    "It uses a fraction of the data than other conventional RSS aggregators...It costs less than $'s only a couple of clicks away..." Wonderful! Mind telling us what "it" is? I tried opening the image in a new window to see its file name, but Googling for "q-reeder" didn't help me at all.
    • Seriously

      C'mon, I'm serious. I want to know what the program you intended to recommend in Image 20 is.
  • gee

    How to go on a trip for dummies book coming to a book store near you.
  • Nameless piece of kit

    What JohnQCooper said. :-)
  • Nameless piece of kit

    • Apologies, all: Let me explain

      Behind the scenes, we have a "Subtitle" box and a "Copy" box. I entered the name of the program -- which is called "Reeder" (for Mac, iOS) by the way -- but obviously it didn't show up. Sorry, all!