EU to Google: Clock is ticking on antitrust talks

EU to Google: Clock is ticking on antitrust talks

Summary: The European antitrust authority gives the search giant just "weeks" to deliver further concessions — yet again — or face massive fines.

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A Google datacenter (Image: Google)

Google has a matter of "weeks" to deliver a new round of concessions to avoid formal charges in a European antitrust investigation for alleged anticompetitive behavior.

Speaking in Brussels, EU Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said he was still waiting for a response from Google, after the latest concessions were struck down once again as he was "not satisfied," according to the Reuters news agency.

The stress of the case, which has been ongoing for more than three years, was beginning to show in Almunia's words, when he said: "We need more and we need more not during the next year, we need more during the next weeks."

In efforts to avoid a massive fine of up to 10 percent of its global annual turnover for infringing years — about $5 billion — Almunia attempted to settle under an Article 9 procedure, which allows a company to remedy problems flagged by the competition watchdog.

But after more than a year of to-ing and fro-ing between the search giant and the executive body, little actionable outcome has come to fruition. 

Topic: Google

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  • The EC should shut up

    and end its tortuos interference with google's business.
    LlNUX Geek
    • google's business is your and mine and everyone else's business.

      Their may mode of making money is stealing information in anyway they can and they'll go as far as stealing wifi data while traveling around supposedly filming for their maps. They'll get your information even if you dont' use their services or their poorly made products because they have a monopoly on the flow of the internet itself.
      They have surpassed AT&T and Standard Oil as the biggest monopoly ever.
      I can't believe the fine would only be 5 billion, less than half of what they fined MS for something MS had already remedied but they just kept raising the requirements and stakes.
      Google needs broken up into several different companies and the U.S. AT dept needs to get busy on it Now.
      And the poor LemminGs think that the source you can download for Android is current and complete.
  • Google Needs More Than A Fine

    They need to be governed with EU oversight for years to come to make sure they change there ways and keep it that way.
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  • See what I mean dhays, just responding to him and I'm blowing it.

    He also didn't mention no benefits and the fact the 45.00 shrinks by 20.00 at tax time etc.
    Who knows and I'm not about to visit that website.