Eurocom launches quad-core notebook

Eurocom launches quad-core notebook

Summary: The Canadian PC manufacturer releases a weighty laptop run by four cores, but it doesn't come cheap


Canadian PC manufacturer Eurocom has launched what it claims is the world's first quad-core notebook.

The D900C Phantom-X Mobile Workstation is billed as a laptop, but it has a build more similar to that of a full-blown workstation, with up to three physical SATA-300 hard drives, giving 750GB of total storage space offering RAID 0/1/5.

According to Eurocom, the D900C uses modular VGA technology based on Nvidia GeForce Go7950 GTX GPUs, GeForce Go8700GT or Nvidia Quadro FX1600M. It runs in single or dual SLI  (Scalable Link Interface) video technology mode.

The Intel processor at the heart of the quad-core model is the Intel 2.66GHz FSB1066 Core2Quad processor, but it is also available with the dual-core FSB1333 Core 2 Duo.

Users can also choose one of two single graphics cards in Nvidia SLI mode for gaming and image quality.

It is a sizeable machine, measuring 15.8 inches wide by 11.9 inches deep and 2.05 inches thick, and weighing 12lb. Also weighty is the price, at $2,726 (£1,340).

D900C Phantom-X Mobile Workstation

The D900C Phantom-X Mobile Workstation comes with a 2.66GHz Intel Core2Quad processor making it possibly the world's first quad-core laptop

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  • RE: Eurocom launches quad-core notebook

    I used to work for Intel's mobile development unit and was under the impression that Quad Core mobile processors are not due for release until mid 2008. I