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You are invited to the upcoming Consultant Marketing Workshop series called, "How to Land a Hot IT Project" from IQ Tech Pros. This two-hour, concentrated workshop is normally only given to members of the IQ Tech Pros network that are coming off a project -- this is the FIRST time it has ever been offered to general network members (or prospective members)!

About The Presenter

This workshop is presented by Ted Finch, the Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing with IQ Tech Pros. He is well known within the entire software industry, having launched over 400 products for over 150 vendors (Microsoft, Intel, HP, Sony, Adobe, Citrix, IBM, etc.). He wrote the marketing plan and published Netscape, launched the AOL channel for Steve Case, formed Red Storm with Tom Clancy, was a Sr. VP at Motorola and a VP at $130 billion GE. He has spoken at numerous conferences world-wide and quoted in over 100 books and publications. He is also an expert in resume SEO and has presented and refined this material over the last 16 years.

The bottom line--this is NOT another long-winded presentation, it is fast paced and dynamic -- you will not be bored and you will learn how to market yourself and land hot IT projects!

Why Attend?

Most of the consultants have a technical area of expertise, but unless you're in HR or recruiting, then preparing, prospecting and negotiating for projects is seldom a strength. Unfortunately, you are being screened and interviewed by experts who do this for a living, view tens of thousands of "me to" resumes, have conducted hundreds to thousands of interviews (some terrible and others great), and know exactly how to negotiate the best terms -- for them, not you.

As such, the smallest efforts you make to learn how to prepare, prospect, interview and negotiate will give you a massive advantage against the consultant who doesn't bother--and then wonders why it takes months to get a project (or gets one that doesn't pay well).

What Will You Cover?

The Consultant Marketing Workshop series is the best way to flash up to speed and maximize your chance of success. Within this informative, comprehensive and dynamic two hour workshop you will learn:

Preparation and Resumes

- How Application Tracking Systems (ATS) (used by over 50% of companies) screen your resume--and how to properly format your resume so it will parse correctly (or you get zero to minimal response)

- Understand the simple formatting mistakes that will kill your resume with an ATS and guarantee you'll never be seen--even if you are the perfect fit. A dual phone number, table, wrong heading or even a simple line can kill some resumes.

- How to write a persuasive (versus just informative) resume that makes the prospect say, "I would be a FOOL if I didn't consider this candidate."

- A simple technique that will get you noticed every time

- Whether you should attach Word documents, or multiple docs if you have a cover letter?

- The myth of a one page resume, plus why you should not have career highlights

- When should you bother with a cover letter--and if so, what essential elements should it contain?

- You will learn the most scientific, well-researched approach for resume SEO--nobody has this down better!


- Why you should go broad and post on as many job and project boards as possible

- Creative places to post your resume that pull amazingly well

- Why you should test your resume nationally before narrowing the search regionally

- How to generate multiple offers at the same time

- Why you must start to work each day (looking for a project) as early as 6 am

- How to leverage social networking sites like Linked In and Facebook

- Where to go to meet with potential employers who are looking to hire


- 10 questions to ask a recruiter and 1 to avoid

- The 15 toughest interview questions

- How to prepare for the 2nd interview

- The top reasons a candidate does not get hired (Some may surprise you)

- How to cover your flaws--and never tell a lie

- What is the Kiss of Death to ensure a bad phone interview

- How to answer the #1 most asked question correctly

- Rules to dress for the interview

- Why you must clean up and neutralize your entire online presence (from Facebook to online reviews)

- The almighty thank you letter--and what it should contain

- Negotiating

- Questions to avoid during the interview

- Why you should avoid an application whenever possible

- How to understand the going rate for your skills

- Who should do the final negotiation and why this will make you the most income

In addition, you'll walk away with a PowerPoint and numerous PDF articles, sample templates and a complete worksheet for preparing, prospecting and following up with projects.


Listen to what one of the recent attendees had to say,

"I found clarity and structure through this workshop. Ted & Nisha patiently and skillfully guided me through the steps and I realized my strengths and confirmed my passion. Ted & Nisha bring a lot to the table through their years of experience and hard work in the industry. They showed me my strengths and weaknesses in my resume and showed me how to overcome the flaws. It's an awesome experience....two thumbs up and hands down the best !!!!!!!!!!!"

-- Saif Yoqoob

We have seen consultants who were having little to no success suddenly get swamped with opportunities, interviews and multiple offers--just by applying the principles taught in this workshop.

The best thing is that it is 100% free to attend!

Please register for your "How to Land a Hot It Project" immediately. You have everything to gain. Happy hunting!

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