V6 World Congress 2013

03/18/2013 to 03/21/2013
12:00AM to 10:00AM
Paris Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center, 17 Boulevard Saint Jacques 75014 Paris Telephone ++ 33 (0)1 40 78 79 80, Paris France
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Vijee Djega
33 53466380
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Leaders in Enterprises, Banking, Finance, Manufacturing, Publishing, Governments and Content providers are no longer asking themselves Should we be moving to IPv6 and Cloud? It is more a question of how to accomplish this and what feasible options are open to their requirements.

Upperside Conferences, event organizers since 1994 organized the first V6 Conference in Feb. 2011 in Paris, which pre-dated the World IPV6 Day in 2011 and we are proud to announce the 3rd edition in March 2013. This edition will welcome ISPs, enterprises, equipment vendors, and industry leaders together to share their experience, skills, and knowledge of deploying IPv6 worldwide.

The 2013 Conference will place particular emphasis on the adoption of IPv6 on mobile networks, seeking presentations and individuals to serve on panels to discuss both the successes and challenges in enabling production IPv6 "by default" on mobile devices, in mobile applications, and on mobile networks.

The conference agenda is now online.

The IPv4 address space cannot sustain the growing number of Internet users and the many new ways in which the Internet is facilitating todays communications.

This evolution was not envisioned by the initial developers of the TCP/IP protocol suite. The only real option to address the growth pressures faced by IP is IPv6. Although IPv6, similar to IPv4, is a live and evolving protocol, it has already reached the level of maturity needed for safe, large-scale deployments. In recognition of a need for IPv6, organizations worldwide are already deploying or are taking aggressive measures to do so.

The objective set for the 2013 edition is to confirm the 2012 attendance levels, which grew by a remarkable +40% from its very first edition in 2011.

The V6 World Congress will once again bring together ISPs, Enterprises, equipment vendors, and industry leaders to share their experience, skills, and knowledge of deploying IPv6 worldwide.

About 500 delegates attended the 2012 edition (350 delegates in 2011).

Figures demonstrate that 55% of the delegates were service providers, 25% vendors, 5% enterprises, 5% government representatives and 10% researchers.

Moreover, 47% of the delegates came from the European Union countries, 12% from the Middle East, 11% from Russia and non EU countries, 16% from North America, 10% from Asia, and 4% from South America.

Come participate at the event and learn about about the technical and organizational issues that enterprises face when introducing IPv6. Other sessions will cover content providers & service providers strategies through security, management and Cloud service aspects.

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