Evernote inks deal with Telefonica to build presence in Latin America

Evernote inks deal with Telefonica to build presence in Latin America

Summary: Evernote Premium is aiming to take over mobile devices across Brazil.


Evernote is extending the global reach of its portfolio of productivity apps through a new deal with telco giant Telefonica.

The team behind the popular note-taking service announced the news on its blog on Tuesday, affirming the "plan is to expand this relationship to reach the hundreds of millions of Telefonica mobile customers throughout Latin America and Europe."

Basically, the Redwood City, Calif.-based company is building up its customer base through strategic industry partnerships as it continues to grow (and well in advance of declaring an initial public offering).

Telefonica’s Vivo subscribers in Brazil will be treated to an entire year of Evernote Premium for free. (Or, included in their existing subscriptions, depending on how you want to look at it.)

Existing users on free accounts will be upgraded to paid features, including enhanced security features (i.e. being able to secure the mobile app with a pin code), additional customer service options, and a higher monthly upload limit of 1GB.

However, they must act immediately as Evernote asserted the promotion will only be available for a limited (and unspecified) block of time.

Telefonica is the first major carrier in Latin America that Evernote has inked a deal with, following Deutsche Telekom in Europe, NTT Docomo in Japan, and Taiwan Mobile, among others.

Along with the desktop portal, Evernote Premium is supported by both iOS and Android mobile devices.

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  • If Telefonica is involved, I'll stay away from it.

    Having traveled through South America recently, I've found that if a service is provided by Telefonica, it's expensive and it's unreliable.

    One simple example, try connecting to OCS or Lync in Bolivia, where Telefonica provides most if not all Level3 access.

    Why them and not the local ISP. Traceroute showed where the problem was.

    We can talk about other countries, but don't believe me, just search the web for complaints against them.

    If you are smart, you stay away from them and any related service.