Evernote rolls out reminders support for Android devices

Evernote rolls out reminders support for Android devices

Summary: Evernote continues to improve its service and this latest update brings the reminder feature that was just added to iOS a couple weeks ago.

Evernote rolls out reminders support for Android devices
(Image: Evernote)

A couple weeks ago, Evernote added reminders to the iOS platform. Today, they revealed they are rolling out reminders for Android and I couldn't be happier.

I use Evernote quite a bit and with their recent security update, I have even more confidence in their service. I did jump to using my iPhone last week because I find the reminder functionality key to using Evernote for my task list.

My HTC One never left my pocket, but this Evernote Android update (version 5.1) makes it even more compelling. We are starting to see apps and updates come to Android much quicker than we did in the past and I find no real app gap between Android and iOS.

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  • Is there a reminders manager app for iPone already?

    What about for iPhone. How can I manage my reminders on my iPhone?
    • evernote should have this feature in iOS but

      evernote should have this feature in iOS but it does not acutally manage the reminders within your iOS Reminders app. You might be looking for something alternative like this:

  • Broke auto-updating

    Would have been really nice if they didn’t totally hose auto-updating in the process. First noticed that Android home screen widget wasn’t updating when I changed a note on pc and then force-sync’d. Wrote support who had me jump through all sorts of hoops to get it going again (and slipping in a 5.1.1 replacement on just updated 5.1 on one of my reboots) up to de-/re-installing. Nothing has worked on 2 different devices running 2 different versions of the OS (4.2.2 on Google Samsung Galaxy Nexus and 3.2 on Samsung GalTab 10.1 P7500). One device is an anomaly, two devices suggests a pattern, checking w/ Android owning Evernote’er friends suffering same confirms, complete silence from them after sending them extensive documentation suggests a MAJOR PROBLEM!!!! Neither of my devices has updated anything since re-install last night (one set to 15 minutes the other left untouched at 1 hour).