Evolving cloud security: conference watch

Evolving cloud security: conference watch

Summary: ZDNet Australia will present live coverage from the Evolve.Cloud conference in Sydney on 1 May.


On 1 May, ZDNet Australia brought you live video from the Evolve.Cloud conference in Sydney. We are now editing a series of videos from the live stream and will post them on this page as soon as they are ready.

Here is the program we covered in the live stream:

9:00: Technology Keynote: From Device to the Cloud; Threat Landscape, How Security Must Evolve (Steve Quane, global chief product officer, Trend Micro)

9:30: Cloud Computing in ANZ mdash; Trends, Challenges and Opportunities (Michael Barnes, VP & Principal Analyst APAC Forrester Research Group)

10:00: Cloud-Mobile Convergence mdash; IT's Next Horizon, CISO's Next Challenge (Dave Asprey, VP Cloud Security, Trend Micro)

10:45: Australian Government's Perspective on the Cloud (John Sheridan, First Assistant Secretary, AGIMO, Sydney)

11:15: Executive Panel Discussion — Go Cloud: Now or Wait? How Much Security Is Good Enough For Your Cloud Today?

11:45: Executive Keynote — Virtualising Away Risk in the Cloud (Rob Livingstone, Cloud Security Advisor & Author)

12:30: Q&A

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