Ex-virus writer questioned over Slammer

Ex-virus writer questioned over Slammer

Summary: Czech police have questioned former virus writer Benny over the Slammer worm, according to reports

TOPICS: Security
Police are questioning Benny, a former member of the 29A virus writers' club, over the Internet worm Slammer.

According to Czech security news site viry.cz, police interviewed the 22 year-old, who lives in Brno, and confiscated computers from his home last Thursday.

"It seems that the police have questioned him about a virus that was really significant," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos. "Benny has always said that he never released his viruses into the wild, so it will be interesting to see if any charges will be brought against him.

However, he has published his dangerous viral source code on the Internet which may have acted as an encouragement for others to cause damage.

Benny was recently employed by antivirus company Zoner software and has been the in media spotlight since his retirement from the 29A group in early 2003.

No link has ever been proved between Benny and Slammer, which temporarily crippled the Internet in January 2003. Cluley pointed out that some members of the 29A group had left this month. Members Ratter and dis69 resigned, while two weeks ago, Whale was found guilty in Russian courts of virus writing. Benny's blog has also disappeared from the Internet. Cluley said this could be because of increased police pressure on virus writers.

"[Benny's] Web log has vaporised," Cluley added. "Other members of 29A seem to be disintegrating, so with people being questioned they could be asked to squeal and reveal who the others are. [29A] is losing a lot of members this month. A lot of them will be feeling that the heat is on and that it's just not worth it."

Topic: Security

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  • First i would like to say that avers only want to arrest people like BENNY just to make them examples for others, he is an ex-member (i.e. retired) so pick up a dictionary and learn your acronyms. second i like to state that some of us will boycott for some time, to show that WE MAKE AVERS MONEY ($$$), so if we all stopped one day, everyone can pack his bags and go home. In addition i would like to say we are all behind them (Hi Benny, Ratter, Whale, Vallez, dis69). And let me just wrap this up by the following:

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    Ohh, before i forget i would like also to prevoke this part, because last timt i posted in an 'VirusBulletin' forums i got banned because someone named 'Danil' didn't like my thoughts and sharing it, so just to be safe this time, take a look at this:

    "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression
    this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference
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    Article 19 of "Universal Declaration of Human Rights"

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