Executive's guide to enterprise storage

Executive's guide to enterprise storage

Summary: Our latest ebook looks at what IT and business leaders need to know about strategies and solutions for meeting the growing demands of data storage and management.


As organizations become increasingly reliant upon digital information to support their business and gain competitive advantage, implementing a reliable, cost-effective storage strategy has become a key priority.

In its latest annual survey (Managing Storage: Trends, Challenges, and Options (2013-2014), storage vendor EMC found that just like last year, respondents said "managing storage growth" is their biggest challenge. The 1,000-plus IT pros surveyed also cited designing, deploying, and managing backup, recovery, and archive solutions and making informed strategic/big-picture decisions as top concerns.

This guide looks at some of the ways organizations are accommodating the growing volumes of data and how certain strategies have allowed them to optimize space and performance while holding down cost. It also explores current storage industry trends, such as cloud-based storage services and advances in on-premise data management, techniques like deduplication and thin provisioning, and new technologies ranging from flash arrays to helium-filled hard drives.


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