Executive's guide to the end of Windows XP support (free ebook)

Executive's guide to the end of Windows XP support (free ebook)

Summary: Windows XP support is about to be cut off, and a lot of businesses aren't ready. This guide looks at the options available for organizations that are migrating — as well as the challenges facing those that can't (or won't) take the leap.


Windows XP's days are numbered, with the end-of-life deadline fast approaching. On April 8, 2014, Microsoft support for the venerable operating system officially ends. But even though many organizations have migrated off XP, it remains deeply entrenched. Some analysts estimate that a quarter to a third of the world's desktops are still running Windows XP, and a December 2013 survey conducted by Spiceworks and sponsored by CDW indicated that 76 percent of IT pros are currently running the OS on some devices.

Numerous companies have decided to stick with XP for the foreseeable future, citing concerns about compatibility, cost, or fear of business disruption. Others are playing catch-up and discovering that the process of planning and executing the migration is going to take far longer than they expected.

Our latest ebook looks at how organizations are dealing with the looming deadline, the consequences of various migration (or stay-put) scenarios, and the obstacles encountered by companies that have moved off Windows XP.




The ebook is available as a free PDF download for registered ZDNet and TechRepublic members. If you're not already a member, you can click here to register. It only takes a moment.

Topics: Windows XP and the Future of the Desktop, Windows

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  • pdf download of Executives guide to the end of Windows XP support

    The download link does not work would like an email when the link is working please
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    ...and spare your registered recipients the annoyance of a malfunctioning link.
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  • As I thought full of FUD and anti-non Microsoft solutions

    This is a complete waste of time and I recommend you ignore it. It is horribly biased and of zero use to Executives who wish to make a really informed choice. This sort of report completely devalues the whole point of a site like this.

    Other real options from Apple, Google, Oracle, Cannonical, Redhat and more are thrown out of the equation without a real comparison.

  • XP support?

    I don't see any reason at all why MS cannot continue XP support.
    In fact there could be continued support for windows all the way back to Win-95.
    All MS has to do is set aside a small group to keep past OS's updated.
    So-be-it this will not be as intense of a support, but support it is.
    How many here still use Win 3.1 on an old laptop or ancient PC? ?
  • I don't need MS interference.

    April 8, 2014, Microsoft support for [XP] officially ends.

    Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.
    I've been using XP without Outlook or IE - just the basic OS, for about ten years now.
    It does what it's supposed to do without the fat and filler of Windows Vista or 7 or 8.
    I don't need any hand holding from Mr. Gates or his flunkies so if they go away. No problem.
  • Not Seeing The Forrest for the Trees?

    With XP’s end of support a scant 3 months away, is there a big message on the wall that many of us are missing? Somewhere between 1/4 and 1/3 of PC users are still on XP, and this includes many enterprises, who take several quarters to migrate computer systems. Come April 2014, will we see a massive XP exodus as the “Windows 7 Go-Live” date arrives (many months of enterprises’ planning, purchasing, training and setup finally culminating in non-XP usage + massive consumer migration over a weekend)? Or will we see little in the way of new PC and/or Windows license sales, as this very significant segment of the computing population sends Microsoft the loud and clear message: We don’t want what you’re offering.

    Time will tell. The dust will start settling in just a few months, and the picture will grow clearer then.

    For the record, I migrated from XP to Win7 Pro in April ’13, only because my PC’s motherboard was failing a second time in as many years. I’m fully productive on Win7, but I have to admit, I prefer XP’s leanness and user interface. I’d still be on XP, had my hardware not failed. I guess I’m not alone.
  • Take off the handcuffs; lose the ball & chain


    No windows, no Gates: you are free!
  • download hell...

    Wasted a half hour trying to download this e-book, first to find my ZD net password, then to get a new one, then it turns out you need to register separately with Technet, except the register button doesn't work. If these guys aren't for MS, they might as well be.

    I give up.
    Otro Pogo