Facebook adds new password recovery tool: Trusted Contacts

Facebook adds new password recovery tool: Trusted Contacts

Summary: Facebook introduces what it describes as the digital version of lending your house key to a friend when you go on vacation.


Social networks (notably Twitter) have been plagued by a number of hackings lately, and Facebook is trying to shore up its own platform with a new security measure.

The world's largest social network is rolling out Trusted Contacts, a new password recovery method developed based on both testing and user feedback from a small pool of members.

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Facebook users can select between three to five trusted friends who can help out if when experiencing issues accessing their account.

For example, if you forget your password, Facebook can send codes to the chosen friends, who can then pass along that information you need to access your account.

Reps for the Menlo Park, Calif.-based company suggested thinking of it like giving a house key to a friend while going on vacation.

Thus, if you're going to trust a friend with a house key, just like with a password, it better be someone you trust the most with personal information and possessions.

Screenshot via Facebook

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  • I can see the shenanigans - and hacks - already.

    I can see the shenanigans - and hacks - already.

    Possible problem: Somebody hacks your friend's account because your friend used "monkey" as the password, then uses your friend's account to hack your account.
  • Phising Paradise?

    I agree with CobraA1.

    Much have been written against "daisy chaining" accounts. This one looks to be the next worse thing.