Facebook back mobile web standards

Facebook back mobile web standards

Summary: Social network helps establish group to standardise mobile browsers


Social network helps establish group to standardise mobile browsers


Facebook has helped set up a working group to standardise mobile browsersImage: Facebook

Facebook, along with several other major mobile web players, has set up a new working group that aims to improve and standardise mobile browsers.

The Mobile Web Platform Core Community Group, which will operate under the auspices of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), was announced on Monday at the start of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The ultimate purpose of the group is to make it easier for developers to figure out which browsers and devices will support their mobile web apps.

Mobile web standardisation is crucial to Facebook. The company's developer relations chief, Douglas Purdy, wrote in a blog post on Monday that the social network is accessed by more people through the mobile web than through all the native mobile Facebook apps — those for iOS and Android, for example — combined.

For more information on this story see Facebook pushes for mobile web standards on Zdnet UK.

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