Facebook Chat Heads available for Android smartphones, combines text and messaging

Facebook Chat Heads available for Android smartphones, combines text and messaging

Summary: Facebook Home is going to be available soon on select Android phones, but nearly everyone with an Android phone can now install or update the Facebook Messenger application and have fun with Chat Heads.

(Image: Screenshot by Matt Miller/ZDNet)

I am planning to post a screenshot gallery of Facebook Home on my Galaxy Note II since it is one of the select supported devices, but the application is not yet available.

In the meantime, I recommend Android smartphone owners try out the updated version of Facebook Messenger (Google Play link) that gives you Chat Heads and integrated text messaging capability.

Chat Heads sounds like a dumb name, but in use I am actually really enjoying the experience. You can toggle Chat Heads on or off from within the Facebook Messenger application so you have full control over whether or not it appears on your screen.

When you receive a Facebook Message from someone, their profile picture appears and then you can tap on it to interact with them.

I've never been a fan of the default text messaging clients on Android phones and have always installed Handcent SMS.

With this new Facebook Messenger client, and Facebook Home, you can make Messenger your default SMS/MMS client too. It works much like iMessage on the iPhone, even with blue color for Facebook Messages and green for text messages.

I love the way you can simply tap on a Chat Head photo and jump between conversations you are having with multiple people. I rarely used Facebook Messenger before, but with Chat Heads support I may be using it more and will definitely be using it for text messaging.

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  • Stupid and pointless.

    Disabled that feature seconds after the update was applied.
    Mr X 2013
  • Looks like....

    A huge improvement.
  • I have to admit

    I dis not read the whole article but windows phone had something similar for a while.
    Throw All The Things
  • I'm totally non-facebook, but...

    FB has taken a bold step, no question, and building on Android was really their only option.

    Thieu apps cannot take control of an iPhone or WP in the same way they can an Android platform - so it was a an obvious choice. Perhaps FB is going to drive more sales to Android, if this is wildly popular (especially with the more inexperienced in life).