Facebook hiccups

Facebook hiccups

Summary: UPDATE: Facebook reports the problem has been fixed. No, it wasn't your imagination, Facebook was having trouble... again.


UPDATE: Facebook reports the problem has been fixed. It's not just you. Facebook really is having trouble again.

Here we go again. Facebook is having a case of hiccups today.

The main problem seems to be that Facebook isn't loading a user's own stream of information. According to the DownRightNow Web site, Facebook started having trouble at approximately 10:30 Eastern Standard Time.

There have been numerous reports on Twitter and other sites of these and related problems. Officially, Facebook had nothing to say on its press page or its Twitter feed. A Facebook respresentative said after the firs hours that "Earlier today, we experienced an issue that prevented some people from loading Timeline or Pages content for a brief period of time. We resolved the issue quickly, and content is back to normal. We're sorry for any inconvenience we may have caused." 

The problem appears to be with Facebook's internal integration of databases rather than a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack or any other external problem. We still don't know exactly what went wrong. This partial service disruption comes only a few weeks after a more serious Facebook outage.

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  • I have not had any trouble.

    Bay Area, California. Been working fine all day for me since 6:00 am. A little slow but that happens frequently.
  • Lol

    For a brief moment privacy was restored to the world. Really, if you use facebook, then I feel sorry for you. Perhaps you should wake up and consider switching over to privacy-based sites such as Ravetree, EveryMe, DuckDuckGo, etc.
    • silly man...

      privacy is for rabbits!! lol. seriously, if i want something private of course i would not post it on facebook...or anything for that matter. facebook is about connections, not privacy. silly man.
    • Privacy? On the internet!?

      It's worth considering just what level of "privacy" we have when we use any internet technology. I submit that in using today's internet, we give up most of what would be traditionally considered private. Between tracking, sniffing, logging, routing, and all the rest, the concept of privacy has a very quaint ring to it.

      As DontUseMicrosoftAtAll says, Facebook is about connections, not privacy. The same needs to be said, again, and again, and again, about the internet as a whole. It's a network of networks, after all. It's ALL about connections.
  • Another hiccup???

    Heavens to Betsy ... Facebook is always having "hiccups." I and several of my Facebook friends, were going nuts, because, we would type in comments to a newsfeed and go back later, to only find that our comments were NOT there!!! This happens, ALL the time. For a Public company, it really is just about the worse. As for Privacy ... What Privacy??? I am getting more and more tempted to start using Google +. Yes, even Google + has it's own Privacy issues, but, overall with Google +, you have more "control" over your account, than you do with Facebook, these days.
  • It's still buggy

    A post I put up at 10:22am eastern time is still not responding correctly. I see a notification that there have been 55 likes, but only 5 appear on the status update itself. Another came in just a few minutes ago.
  • Errors, errors and more errors

    People just love to moan about facebook
    Gareth Engram