Facebook hoaxes shared by the scared

Facebook hoaxes shared by the scared

Summary: Dire warnings and posts on privacy and security regularly appear in our Facebook feed, shared by people that believe they are true. Here is a round up of the hoaxes that are shared the most. They are all fake.


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  • Privacy warning

    Public declarations in pseudo legalese about maintaining your privacy on Facebook show all of your friends that you have not read the terms and conditions when you joined the social networking site. You needed to accept them before you could get your Facebook account activated.

    UCC 1-308 refers to the Uniform Commercial Code and to acceptance under Reservation of Rights

    The Rome Statute refers to the establishment of four criminal crimes: genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression. I'm puzzled as to how your Facebook privacy settings could be linked to these crimes.

    If you do not like your privacy settings on Facebook, you can change them in the settings -- or delete your Facebook account.

    All Facebook members do not have to post a note like this. This is scaremongering and untrue.


    All Images: Snopes - which has details about the history of each hoax. Snopes also has a Facebook page tracking the latest hoaxes and trends that are doing the rounds online.

  • Blocking Automation Labs on Facebook

    Blocking Automation Labs in your Facebook privacy settings will bring up a list of names associated with Automation Labs, not people who have access to your account.

    Try putting other name variants into your Facebook block list and see who appears.

    Non of then have access to your account. This is a hoax.


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  • Better Idea

    Shut Facebook off, or eliminate account. Go enjoy the outdoors. You don't really have that many friends and if you're a pretty girl/woman, you do realize that most of those people are doing disgusting things to themselves while they stare at your pictures anyway.
    • Better idea

      Are you high?
      Raw Burt
      • High on life...

        outside of Facebook. If your looking for drugs you've come to the wrong place.
      • My lady friend....

        despite my dislike for Facebook, has an account and gets friend requests from perverted people all the time. Had she actually friended all of them I'm sure she'd have in excess of 5000 friends. She sets me down to chat with her friends and family as well as deny almost every weirdo out there. I'm sure the amount of immature people and some of their remarks are far more amusing than getting high.
        • Confusing

          So somehow commenting on meaningless ZDNet articles is a better way to spend your time than your totally misconceived perception of Facebook?
          • Not the case...

            I've seen these hoaxes and I've seen some with credibility. My fiance shares the same network as mine so I'll read with interest any article which may shed malice to our security. Perception to any topic may be the persons opinion. Have fun on Facebook.
  • On the other hand ...

    ... avoid most of facebook, which will give your details and contacts to third parties.

    And you have to agree to that to use anything worth using.

    FB is BS - use it with care to keep in touch, else avoid it like the plague.
  • avoid everything else?

    What about things like events, promotional ads, and such? I've gone to numerous events, and gotten things like free movie passes just from things outside of my friend's list?
    Lets not close off from the world just because some parts are scary. Some parts are safe and fun!
  • Too many clicks

    These are short items. Why not put them on one page? Are you aware of the scroll bar? Having to click 12 times is such a cheap means to get more clicks. It's patently vile.
    Raw Burt
  • I'd like to remove the Timeline

    I don't like the Timeline and wish I could remove it. I do find it funny how many of these hoaxes use bad English and some of them don't even make sense.

    I would like to note that I frequently receive emails from what appears to be either myself or other people I know on Facebook. They are all junk and I delete them immediately.
    • ccfman2004

      You have a little problem their. lol.

      Download the free version of Malwarebytes.org and run it and I bet you will find a virus.
      Then change your password and the security question on both your email and facebook accounts.
      I'm not sure if it works on the free version but if it does download their rootkit tool and run it just for the heck of it. I'm sure you won't get any more emails from yourself or any of those others.
      I had that happen to me a few years ago. lol.
      Rick Sos
      • ccfman2004

        Forgot to tell you that I also disabled all the apps. I didn't want to give anybody permission to post in my name. After that smooth sailing with no problems whatsoever.
        Rick Sos
  • Facebook keeps telling me...

    ...my account has an invalid email and I should fix it immediately. They have been telling me that for several years now, since I closed the email account that was linked with FB. So I get no annoying emails from them, making FB a heck of a lot more tolerable.
  • Thank you for the article

    It has reminded me -- once again -- how happy I am that I am NOT on Facebook, never have been and never will be.

    Have a nice day,