Facebook opening temporary engineering office in Vancouver

Facebook opening temporary engineering office in Vancouver

Summary: Facebook's move to launch a temporary engineering base in Canada possibly reflects the CEO's support for hiring more highly-skilled immigrants.


Facebook is establishing a temporary base in Vancouver for approximately 150 software engineers, according to The Vancouver Sun.

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The purpose of the new office is twofold.

First, it will operate as a "boot camp" of sorts to train recent graduates while evaluating them for full-time jobs.

Second, it's also a spot where the Menlo Park, Calif.-based company reportedly can hire and place new employees while they wait for U.S. work visas.

For reference, Facebook has engineering offices in Seattle and New York City aside from its Silicon Valley headquarters.

The move is also said to reflect CEO Mark Zuckerberg's support to hire more highly-skilled immigrants to fill skills gaps in the United States.

via NBC News Bay Area

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  • Canada -- A 21st Century technological banana republic?

    Oh goody. Canada being treated as a cheap transit point rather than as a technology centre -- and as a source of cheap skilled local and immigrant labor for a 21st Century quasi-colonial geek outfit; a slave master for an America that doesn't have enough of its own smart people able to keep the USA from plunging into obscurity within the foreseeable future. Bah.
    Rudy Haugeneder
    • Yep, but this isn't the first...

      Microsoft opened a similar facility in Vancouver as well for pretty much the same reasons. Not surprisingly the local politicos were besides themselves with joy.