Facebook Page PR fails

Facebook Page PR fails

Summary: Sometimes marketing campaigns go awry on Facebook -- and even Facebook itself can get its messages wrong.


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  • Anticipate the response to your promotion

    Colgate offered users the chance to swap their your old toothbrush for a brand new model. They were overwhelmed with the crowd that turned up at a busy station and closed down the deal. Fortunately rival manufacturer Philips was on hand to rescue customer loyalty with an offer of its own

  • Know which account you are using

    One of the administrators of Walmart's Facebook page did not check their 'Use Facebook as..' settings when posting this now deleted update.

    Credit to Amoeba Social for catching this before it was updated by Walmart.


  • Pointless updates leads to pointless data gathering

    Clarks USA posted this update on 5th July assuming many would make a long weekend out of the 4th July celebrations.

    Almost 500 people liked the post perhaps giving Clarks some valuable data intelligence. Some commenters did take the opportunity to say how great their Clarks shoes were giving the brand some much more useful feedback about the products.

Topic: Social Enterprise

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  • Scatly Clad Gilrs are Rerd Flag

    Yes I am a guy and no I am not a feminist, by far I am the opposite. When I see scantly clad women in a ad or promotion, I see a huge red flag thinking what are you trying to distract me from or what are you trying to hide about your product by trying to distracting me with sex appeal. Must you put a women in a bikini because you product can not stand on its own?
    • Red flag?!?!

      No, its called smart marketing to men ages 18-59.
  • heh

    "Perhaps Facebook needs a 'Thanks for letting us know' button instead."

    Heh, yeah. "Like" seems really awkward when the story is about a crashed aircraft.

    And that many people lined up for a free toothbrush? Really? I guess people really are too addicted to Twitter.

    "Facebook Marketing posted an update about reaching new customers with Facebook Ads. Unfortunately the link given did not work."

    Probably copied an already broken link from their website without checking it out. It seems that pretty much every website has one or two of those mysterious broken links that the webmasters never notice.