Facebook's data centers worldwide, by the numbers and in pictures

Facebook's data centers worldwide, by the numbers and in pictures

Summary: Grounded in open source and energy efficient designs, the world's largest social network shared its latest updates for cost and power savings attributed to its cutting-edge datacenters.


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  • A status update on Facebook's homegrown datacenters

    With more than 1.32 billion users and counting, Facebook is arguably at the forefront of burgeoning but still nascent social media world. But the Menlo Park, Calif.-headquartered company is also paving the way in a manner in which most of its global membership base might not be as familiar.

    While Google, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services clamor over hosting the cloud needs of its Silicon Valley neighbors and social media darlings from Pinterest to Pulse, Facebook has been building out its own datacenter footprint over the last few years.

    Emphasizing inspirations from open source to energy efficiency, the world's largest social network shared its latest updates with ZDNet, revealing cost and power savings attributed to its cutting-edge datacenter designs.

    All images via Facebook

  • Facebook: Prineville, Oregon

    Over the past three years, Facebook boasted it has saved more than $1.2 billion by optimizing its full stack for the datacenter, hardware, and software.

    Pictured above, Facebook's flagship datacenter building in Prineville, Oregon was constructed with 950 miles of wire and cable — touted to be equivalent to the distance between Boston and Indianapolis.

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  • RDDC similar to recent years home building

    which has been done for several years. Wire, insulation, whole walls constructed off-site in controlled environments and assembled on site.

    If any of you have watched This Old House, you would have seen it done.



    FB just took it to the next level.

    Good for them, but they are NOT the first to think of this Technic.

    IMO. This borders on Apple claiming it invented round corners and the tablet.
    • Off Site and Modular

      Another show featuring this same concept is Tree House Masters...
      Crashin Chris
  • It is

    scary to think of the BILLIONS of dollars spent on this stuff for digital vanity. I am SO GLAD I don't have a Facebook account.

    This company is making truck loads of money off of selling your information.
  • No way on 1.32B active users

    Facebook, like many others greatly exaggerates how many active users they have. To me, somebody that logs in out of boredom once a month doesn't count. If they don't log in at least once a week, they are not active. Yes, I know its unrelated to the article but I just laugh every time I see these kind of numbers. Facebook knows they are fudging it. Cool tech though, I guess it takes a ton of infrastructure to host empty pages and active ones alike.
  • Horrible Pictures

    Those thumbnail-sized photo shopped pics were really awful to look at. Did they get enough of the building's facade? If you want to see a data center, these pics aren't really showing much of anything. Pointless article.
    • Exactly

      OK so it wasn't just me. I was interested to see their data center and we got literally nothing.