Fake Stephen Conroy unplugged

Fake Stephen Conroy unplugged

Summary: From a secret location, Ratbags brings you a video interview with Fake Stephen Conroy satirist Leslie Nassar, complete with beer.

TOPICS: Telcos, Telstra

In the latest instalment of our Ratbags video series, we go deep underground to interview Fake Stephen Conroy satirist Leslie Nassar on the day he took on his Telstra boss, chief technology officer Hugh Bradlow.

We ask the tough questions: has Nassar ever twittered as Fake Stephen Conroy while drunk? What's next for the Department of Internets? And would he sell the Fake Stephen Conroy account?

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On the day of the interview, 26 March, Nassar had been embroiled in a stoush with his employer, Telstra. The satirist claimed he had been sacked by Telstra due to his Fake Stephen Conroy efforts, a claim the telco quickly denied. However, Telstra acknowledged Nassar was subject to disciplinary action.

Ratbags is ZDNet.com.au's light-hearted look at the Australian technology scene. Previously we've chased Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer all around Sydney, set fire and microwaved a bunch of hard disks and asked people what they think of Windows 7 — or was it KDE4?

Topics: Telcos, Telstra


Chris started his journalistic adventure in 2006 as the Editor of Builder AU after originally joining CBS as a programmer. After a Canadian sojourn, he returned in 2011 as the Editor of TechRepublic Australia, and is now the Australian Editor of ZDNet.

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  • Sight Vs Sound

    Quick question for Renai ..... what were you expecting the iPhone to "say" when you pointed the microphone at it?!

    Thanks for the vid tho?!
  • Good question

    Good question Paul ... I wish I knew!


    News Editor
  • My iPhone

    Actually, my iPhone speaks to me, in a voice only I can hear, in a language only I can understand.

    Sometimes, it tells me to do things. I don't know why, but there's something in iPhone's voice that is so smooth, so compelling that I must... obey.
  • This bloke is Jason without a doubt

    It's him for sure.
  • Hey you're right

    Hey I reckon you're right, good pick up. Who'd have ever thunk it?

    Jason is actually ........... Renai LeMay.

    You big trickster Renai.
  • Damn

    Can't I have a cooler hidden identity than that? Something out of Buffy or the Watchmen maybe???

  • I appluad your intent - I despise your method

    Shooting ones self in the head - is - iam told - painless.

    was it??
  • @Damn

    How about "The Fake Buffy" or "Buffy the Fake Vampire slayer", Renai? Sorry... Jason.