Fedora 18 released for ARM-based hardware

Fedora 18 released for ARM-based hardware

Summary: The latest version of the popular Linux distribution Fedora has been released for ARM-based hardware.

TOPICS: Open Source, Linux, ARM

The latest version of Fedora, Red Hat's community-led distribution of Linux, is now available for ARM-based hardware.

The Fedora 18 for ARM includes images that will run on a number of ARM-based platforms, including Versatile Express (QEMU), Trimslice (Tegra), Pandaboard (OMAP4), GuruPlug (Kirkwood), and Beagleboard (OMAP3).

The release doesn't include an image that will run on the ARM-based Raspberry Pi, but a group working out of Seneca College in Toronto is working on a remix that will run on the board.

There is also no finished Fedora 18 remix for the Samsung Chromebook, another ARM-based device, although alpha instructions for building your own remix are available here.

Fedora 18 is already available for a number of other hardware architectures, including x86 and IBM Power processors.

Topics: Open Source, Linux, ARM


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