FICO rolls out 'Analytic Cloud'

FICO rolls out 'Analytic Cloud'

Summary: The U.S. company known for its credit scoring service wants to help you with your big data needs. To the cloud!

TOPICS: Cloud, Banking, Big Data

FICO, the California data company famous for its credit scores, announced this morning a new offering that brings its various products and services together in a one-stop (connected) shop.

It's called the "Analytic Cloud," and it's pitched to businesses as an environment that can help them create applications for customer engagement, marketing and yes, credit evaluation. In other words, if you're interested in big data, FICO would like to introduce you to a few of its wares.

In its new cloud, you'll find platform-as-a-service access to FICO's proprietary Decision Management Platform, which spans business rules management, predictive analytics, data and text mining, optimization, visualization and reporting. It intends to give control to "business leaders and users, instead of relying on IT."

You'll also find FICO's Adeptra Mobile Services platform for customer interactions, its Customer Dialogue Manager for campaign targeting, its Analytic Offer Manager for personalized offers, its PlacementPlus service for managing delinquent accounts and its LiquidCredit service for credit decisions.

In short, FICO's Analytic Cloud is a digital department store where all the goods are made in-house.

The company says it plans to make more of its applications available as a service through the rest of 2013. It also plans to provide access to "relevant third-party analytic services through an analytic marketplace," though it remains to be seen what that will look like.


Topics: Cloud, Banking, Big Data

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