Find your way to grandma's house with Nokia's HERE Maps and Telenav Scout for iOS

Find your way to grandma's house with Nokia's HERE Maps and Telenav Scout for iOS

Summary: Apple iPhone 5 owners have plenty of options for navigating to your Thanksgiving destination this week and both Nokia and Telenav announced updated apps for iOS today.

TOPICS: Mobility, iPhone, Nokia
Find your way to grandma's house with Nokia's HERE Maps and Telenav Scout for iOS

Last week Nokia announced that HERE Maps would be coming to iOS devices and at the time was available via the Safari browser. The HTML5 app is now available in the App Store and looks just like the browser-based solution I tried out last week. Telenav also just announced a major update for Scout (iTunes link) that gives you FREE voice-guided navigation on iOS. As you can see, there are now plenty of GPS navigation options, check out my review of iOS 6 Maps and eight alternatives, to help you get to grandma's house this Thanksgiving.

Nokia's HERE Maps

I have been using Nokia Maps on Symbian devices for years and also enjoy the experience on Lumia Windows Phone devices. Today, the HERE Maps (iTunes link) application is available for iOS devices. It is essentially the same thing that you saw via the Safari web browser without the bottom browser menu items. It is a solid GPS navigation solution available for free that also offers the ability to download maps for offline usage. You can save a map area and the app gives you the expected level of detail so the offline map quality is quite variable depending on the area you select.

As described by Apple and Nokia, features of HERE Maps include:

  • Map views: Pick the map you need from map view, live traffic view, public transport line view or satellite view
  • Save map areas & wander without data coverage
  • In selected countries, access community maps created and updated by users
  • Maps, search and place coverage for nearly 200 countries
  • Search with history and suggestions
  • Share places with just a tap, including the location and how to get there, over SMS, email, or social networks
  • Organize places you love into Collections
  • Sign in to HERE Maps with your Nokia Account or Facebook login
  • Sync with Access your Collections anywhere
  • Step-by-Step voice-guided walk navigation
  • Walk navigation through pedestrian routes, parks, alleyways, and more
  • Public transportation and driving directions

HERE Maps is not as full featured as other dedicated navigation applications, but it is free and provides a solid backend mapping database.

Telenav Scout

I enjoy the fresh UI of Telenav Scout on my iPhone 5 and was lucky to get in on the free premium offer in September. Today, the folks at Telenav announced that the free version of Scout for the iPhone now includes voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation for walking and driving directions. This is a great alternative to Apple Maps and includes several other attractive features, including:

  • My Dashboard: Personalized commute times to Work and to Home
  • My Places: Users can save and share the places they love for easy access at any time
  • My Search: Find it faster as Scout learns friends, favorites, and recent places
  • Traffic: Real-time traffic information
  • Speech recognition: Speak in an address or search by using commands like "Find a nearby Starbucks" or "Go Home"
  • 12 New car icons to choose from including a convertible, motorcycle, SUV, minivan, muscle car and sports car

There is still a premium version, called Scout Plus, available for that includes offline navigation, speed trap alerts, red light camera alerts and lane assist, but the free version should be useful to most people using their iPhone for navigation purposes. The one last thing Telenav needs to do is update the app to support the larger iPhone 5 display, but I also understand from developers that this is not as easy to do as I would like as it can break things for older iPhones.

Topics: Mobility, iPhone, Nokia

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  • This destroys Apple's claims about Maps

    When I "upgraded" my iPhone 4 to an OS that Apple claimed was iOS 6, I had been led to believe by HUGE ads on Apple's website that iOS 6 contained voice guided turn-by-turn navigation. It didn't. I had to continue using Navigon. You state that Telenav Scout works too and I'm sure it does.

    While I was pessimistic about the motives behind Apple's decision not to release turn-by-turn navigation for iPhone 4, even though they promised me I was getting iOS 6, I was told that turn-by-turn navigation simply required too much processing power and that my iPhone 4 couldn't handle it.

    Clearly, either Apple coders are incompetent, or this was a lie. My iPhone 4 is clearly capable of doing turn-by-turn navigation. The reason Apple kept this from me was because they were trying to get me to pay for a new iPhone.

    Their strategy backfired. I am now the proud owner of a Nokia Lumia 920. Apple lost a customer because of this.
    • Good news.

      You've gotten rid of your iPad and your iPhone.

      By your rules, you will no longer comment on either product.

      Buh bye.
      • That was weak, even for you

        So because I no longer use the iPhone or the iPad, all of that experience is instantly wiped from my mind?

        Point: countered.

        Buh bye troll.
        • It erased my PS

          PS I still have the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. It is your mistaken assumption that I got rid of them. Even according to your misunderstanding of my "rules" I am still far more authorized to comment on the iPhone and iPad ecosystem than any of your peers are to comment on the Surface RT, never even having owned this fantastic device for even a moment. Most have never even bothered to try one in person.
          • Only in your demented mind

            Is the Zune Surface superior to anything. Jut like the silly Zune phone, the Zune Surface is not exactly selling like hotcakes, but rather clogging up retail space. This is why you'll see them on the "Buy one, get three free" Shelf in two weeks. Then you'll be a fool, for paying full price for the three you bought, just to show loyalty to your religious leaders in Redmond. :p
            Troll Hunter J
        • Funny, I thought you set the rules here.

          You excoriate others for that behavior.

          But we know now that by your rules, any further comment from you on the iPad or iPhone is purely trolling.
          • Now all you need to do is quote me

            When have I ever excoriated anyone for commenting a device they've owned?

            Provide the links or slink away like the troll that you are.

            But, as I've already said, I still own an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2. Buh bye.
    • Just like how Microsoft sold phones that were never capable of getting WP 8

      The crap Lumia phones that came with WM 7 (WP 7.1 w/mango updates, WP 7.5 w/mango updates, and WP 7.6 w/mango updates) only to force the sale of a New phone to get WM 8 (WP 8), so they can prop up their purchase of Nokia. You seem to have no problem when your religious leaders do it, yet Apple is Evil for doing something not as bad? Take about a double standard.
      Troll Hunter J
  • Since Microsoft owns Nokia

    Any Nokia product should be avoided, due to spyware concerns. WP is full of phone home spyware, so by extension Nokia software will contain spyware that phones home to Microsoft servers.
    Troll Hunter J
    • Microsoft doesn't own Nokia

      And I'm not sure why you would say something like that.
      NoMore MicrosoftEver
  • Despite the fact that the troll TB3

    ...let's call him tuberculosis3 from here on, managed to get in the first 3 out of 4 comments, let's just say that choice is good. That's what many Apple bashing trolls have been telling us in any and all Apple related topics here at ZDNet.
    I downloaded the application to my iPhone 5 this morning and will be putting it to the test in the coming weeks. Not that Apple maps has failed me in my area thus far. If anything, we may be getting a better maps experience from Apple in the coming months. Nothing wrong with the app itself, just lacking in the crowdsourced data that Google and Nokia have a headstart on.
    • I thought they had that data in earlier versions of iOS

      and that in their attempt for change, changed it for the worse, which is why people are up in arms.

      As for the toddbottom3 guy, there are much worse then him here, I'm discovering.
      NoMore MicrosoftEver
      • No they didn't have the data... belonged to Google. The app in IOS 5 was written by Apple and used Google's data.
        Despite what some around here will say, either for or against Apple, fact is, we don't know what the deal between the two tech giants was, concerning maps under iOS. Some say it was because Google wouldn't allow Apple to use voice guided turn by turn in the app under iOS. Others would have you believe that it was Apple that turned the switch off to spite Google.

        Many also forget, that when web based maps started out things were not so rosie. In fact I remember a few short years ago that when looking up my address under Google's maps, if I didn't spell out my street name as such "Croissant xxxx" instead of the abbreviated "Cr. xxxx", the engine just wouldn't find it. (Croissant being the word for crescent in French). This is just one example of the problems that Google's engine would have. Of course with time, it became the service that we now know and depend on.
  • Finally a reliable map!

    I like windows phones. I definitely took a gamble with my windows phone but I didn't want to go to all the cell phone stores in California. It does what I need it to do and I couldn't be happier about it.