Firefox 1.5 'smashes' 1.0 download stats

Firefox 1.5 'smashes' 1.0 download stats

Summary: Demand for the latest version of the open source browser is 'greatly exceeding' last year's release of Firefox 1.0, according to Mozilla


Firefox 1.5 has thrashed its predecessor's download record, despite its low-key launch on Tuesday.

Firefox 1.0 was downloaded one million times in the day after its release, after a much-publicised campaign to raise money for a New York Times  ad.

The publicity campaign around Firefox 1.5 has not yet started, with the SpreadFirefox Web site currently offline while it is getting ready for the launch of a mass marketing campaign.

But despite this, Asa Dotzler, the community coordinator at the Mozilla Foundation, announced on Wednesday Firefox 1.5 has beaten its predecessor's download figures.

"Wow, in just one day, Firefox 1.5 has already been downloaded more than 1.5 million times. That smashes our 1.0 first day downloads by half a million," said Dotzler in his blog. "If you haven't downloaded Firefox 1.5, get it while it's hot!"

This demand appears to be continuing, according to a blog post from Chris Beard, the vice-president of products at Mozilla.

"There are now more than two million people enjoying a better Web experience with Firefox 1.5. Demand continues to be high, greatly exceeding what we saw last year with the release of Firefox 1.0," said Beard.

Firefox 1.5 has a tough target to beat though, as Firefox 1.0 was downloaded at a high rate over a number of months — it passed the 10 million downloads in December, just over a month after its release. In May it passed the 50-million-download mark and celebrated its 100 millionth download in October.

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  • No doubt an excellent browser, but one cannot help noticing that in the choice of languages both "British English" and just "English" are offered. Now, by definition "English" (unqualified) must be British by definition since it is the country of origin, so what are they talking about? Well, it seems that there may be a "misunderstanding" on the part of certain Americans. Perhaps they need to be reminded that although several varieties of the language have developed eg. Australian, South African, Canadian and yes, American, the only one that does not need qualifying is of course UK English.....Firefox developers, please take note!
  • You can obviously read that article and I know it says you're an engineer, but British English? If you can read
    it then what does it matter? Look at it this way there are more Americans than Brits anywho so put that wanker in your mouth and swallow!
  • Typical British arrogance.

    This is why I (a US national) no longer work for a British company and probably will never do so again. The British are even worse than we are, and that's a statement! :-)

    If you have a problem with the naming of languages in the browser, then you are free to do any of the following:

    1.) write your own Web browser and name languages as you see fit;

    2.) join the Firefox development team; or

    3.) choose a different Web browser. I find that Konqueror is also quite good.

    You could also submit a bug in the BugZilla system that the Firefox dev team uses, if, like me, you're not a coder. That's what I do whenever I see an issue; I report it to the development team.
  • Technically, the first commentator is accurate. However, while UK English remains the preferred spelling in technical publications in the wider world outside of America (sorry 2nd commentator, but you don't get to force your choice of American spelling on me), in the real world of everyday life there are a wide variety of regional English. The ideal would be:
    English - American
    English - Australian
    English - UK
    English - South African
  • I agree with Michael. It's not our fault that 300 million people cannot spell "colour", "aluminium" or "grey"!

    Recognise American English, by all means. But don't forget that the language actually belongs to us Brits.
  • how about some comments on the browser rather than a refight of the American War of Independance!
  • Firefox 1.5 is great. Smashes the big blue E even further behind. Is that OK ED?

    By the way there's no "A" in "Independence"! (Unless you've changed the spelling of that word too!)

    Lighten up.
  • > Recognise American English, by all means. But don't forget that the language actually belongs to us Brits.

    Ha, no, sorry but English is an open source language. You lifted most of your words from the Germans, the Romans, the French... anywhere and everywhere... you did NOT ask them for permission and you don't 'own' them.

    As George Bush allegedly said "The problem with the French is that they have no word for 'entrepreneur.'"
  • The best browser for Windows is the worst browser for Mac! Here's why:
  • Memory leak or something?

    I've been using this for a while now. It's fast, usable, easy to work with and works almost as it should... almost.

    Try surfing for a while and You'll notice the amount of memory which it takes. I've heard of situations where computer jammed(too high VM-usage) after some hardcore webxploration.

    I hope for a fast update to fix this problem.
  • English-US

    How about

    English-Chav ( Yeah, but no, but yeah)
    English-Scottish (See you Jimmy)
    The Queens English (German)
    English-Cockney (All Apple and pears)
    English-Rapper (FXXX, BXXXH,)

    or even English-who gives a damb for those of us how you spell colour, color, gray or grey!
  • Didn't take long. Security Focus reporting a DOS exploit for Firefox 1.5
  • Today Microsoft forced me to listen to what people say and shift away from internet explorer to firefox. The new feature of microsoft IE, pop-up blocker is popping up on my banking site, blocking up transaction confrmation and other important pop-ups, even when it's disabled. This is third time it's happening since i bought my new laptop with all latest microsoft software.
  • We re-engineered our Easy Website Builder software to better serve FF and Safari users. It is long due that these broswers get some respect from developers.

    Websites than run on our software now look as good as or better than in IE.

    All of our company computers now use FireFox as the default browser as well.
  • I'm glad that F/F is moving forward in developement. Unfortunately like many I have to run 2 browsers - I need a 2nd to display the extended java intruction set exclusive to MS IE.
    Sadly many webmasters don't code generic pages that'll work for everyone, they'd rather cater to the IE users[?!].

    Also I hope the Style Sheets issue has been addressed. Again the page author has chosen to make the page exclusive to IE.

    I've written to several webmasters and mentioned that I'm running Linux & F/F and have yet to get a reply. Guess this shows how professional they really are...