Firefox 14 encrypts Google searches by default

Firefox 14 encrypts Google searches by default

Summary: The latest iteration of the open-source browser will protect your Google searches from prying eyes.


firefox_logo_zd Mozilla has shipped a security-centric Firefox makeover with a new feature to encrypt all Google searches by default.

The highlight of the new Firefox 14, now available for download, is HTTPS Google Search, a security feature that shields users from advertisers and snoops that gather data about users or modify and censure their search results.

"Encrypting our users’ searches is our next step into giving users better control over their data online. Enabling HTTPS for Google searches helps Firefox users maintain better control over who sees things they search for — queries that are often sensitive. We’re excited to see this improvement in our upcoming releases now that we, with Google’s help, have been able to provide our users a secure and responsive secure search," Mozilla explained.

Google is currently the only search engine that allows Firefox to make your searches private but Mozilla says it plans to support additional search engines with this feature in the future.

In addition to HTTPS Google searches by default, Firefox 14 will make it easier to see a website’s verified identity by changing the way that the icon to the left of the URL is displayed.  This change is in direct response to phishing sites and mimic the padlock icon in Firefox.


Topics: Security, Browser, Enterprise Software, Privacy

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  • Don't tell anyone, but...

    Oh, great. Everything you say to Big Brother will be in secret.
    Robert Hahn
  • Firefox 14 encrypts Google searches by default

    First one to install Firefox at the office so now I have bragging rights. Its nice to see Firefox encrypt the Google searches but for those of us who don't use Google it doesn't mean much.
    Loverock Davidson-
    • Let us all guess....Loverock Davidson uses Bing ......WoW that was hard to

      I'll bet you go to work with a Windows emblem tattooed on your shirt with a encrypted signatue from Steve Balmer which for your information really dosen't mean much either................
      Over and Out
  • not soon enough

    But i've been manually setting https://google for a long time. This is just something all browser vendors ought to build into their respective browsers by default.

    Nice, logical step Mozilla ... now can you build in something like NoScript (or NoScript) and a default sandbox.
    • RE: not soon enough

      thx-1138_@... wrote:
      "now can you build in something like NoScript (or NoScript) and a default sandbox.

      I would prefer to have Mozilla include selected Firefox add-ons by default, assuming that the add-on developers agree with the practice. NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere would be high on my list. Note that the U.S. Air Force LPS - Public LiveCD iso includes these two add-ons by default, although NoScript is disabled.

      Agree wrt a sandbox for Firefox. For both Windows and OS X (desktop Linux has LSM).
      Rabid Howler Monkey