Firefox for Metro release slips into next year

Firefox for Metro release slips into next year

Summary: With development slowing down, Mozilla expects its Metro-friendly Firefox release to appear in January 2014.


Progress has slowed on the project to port Firefox to Windows 8's "Metro" environment, resulting in the last major browser to support Windows 8's dual nature being delayed into 2014.

As detailed in the Mozilla meeting notes from last week, an initial public release of Firefox for Metro is now expected to happen on January 21, 2014.

Mozilla had previously stated that it would deliver the first public release when Firefox 26 is slated to appear on December 10.

Firefox for Metro is still expected to appear as a preview in Firefox's Aurora channel this week.

Whether Firefox for Metro makes a swift move from Aurora into Firefox's Beta and Release channels is still in the air.

"At a minimum, it should significantly increase the number of testers and feedback," the notes said.

It's been a tough slog for the project, which was first announced in March last year. The original target release for the project was Firefox 14; the January 21 release next year will be Firefox 27.

The next update on the project's development expected in this week's Firefox Planning meeting is scheduled for Wednesday.

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  • There is a certain degree of irony in the reference to "Metro-friendly"

    given that Metro is about as unfriendly as a UI an be!
    • The trolls have taken over...

      ... they're making smurf accounts and making claims on things they have no knowledge of...

      • ForeverCookie...just maybe Metro 8.1 will go the way that Metro 8 did

        and that is why they are in no hurry.
        Over and Out
      • Not everyone likes Metro

        And most don't. Those who dislike it are entitled to do so.
        • Most don't?

          You get that from what source?

          Most are probably ambivalent.
          Michael Alan Goff
  • Perhaps

    Might be, coding for Metro is not that easy as Microsoft dreamed it to be.
    • This isn't the first time Mozilla has slipped a deadline.

      Just look at FireFox 4. :\
      Michael Alan Goff
  • Meh

    Meh, running Windows 8 here - and honestly, I just use the desktop. The Metro apps seem to be slimmed down versions of the desktop apps, which is not what I'm looking for. I want more functionality, not less.
  • Wonder why....

    Lack of popularity. Oh wait. More Windows 8.x users than Linux users and yet Linux gets Firefox.