Firefox for tablets UI in pictures

Firefox for tablets UI in pictures

Summary: A look at the user interface in the upcoming version of Firefox for tablet PCs, as revealed by a member of the Mozilla team working on the browser

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  • Firefox for tablets design theme

    Barlow said that the work-in-progress Firefox for tablets browser "looks right at home on Honeycomb 3.0" and that it draws its overall theme from Honeycomb's "minimalist design language".

    However, it retains notable Firefox design features, such as the oversized 'back' button.

    Photo credit: Mozilla 

  • Awesome bar in Firefox for tablets

    Firefox for tablets will also retain the 'awesome bar'. This provides a single place to enter a search of the internet, bookmarks, history, data synced from other computers, or web addresses.

    In addition, it will still allow people to access bookmarks, history and synced activity. However, the tabs for each category have been moved from the top to the left-hand side of the browser. This provides more screen room to display search results if there is an on-screen keyboard.

    Photo credit: Mozilla

  • Tabs in Firefox for tablets

    In landscape mode, Firefox for tablets uses the additional screen space on the left to display the tabs marking open web pages, rather than tucking the tabs away.

    When used in portrait mode, the tabs are incorporated into a single drop-down menu at the top, to provide maximum browsing space below, Barlow said.

    Firefox is not the only tablet project being developed by Mozilla at the moment. In July, the foundation outlined preliminary plans to use the Gecko browser engine as the basis for a lightweight open-source operating system that can eventually be used on phones and tablets.

    Photo credit: Mozilla

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Topics: Mobility, Apps

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