Firefox plans mass marketing drive

Firefox plans mass marketing drive

Summary: 'Are we going to get hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of videos?' asks Mozilla, ahead of a video marketing campaign to push Firefox 1.5


The Mozilla Corporation is gearing up to launch a large-scale marketing drive when Firefox 1.5 is released.

Christopher Beard, the vice-president of products at Mozilla Corporation, told ZDNet UK on Monday that there is a "strong likelihood" that Firefox 1.5, the next major version of the open source browser, will be released on 29 November.

Beard said the Corporation is planning a "big marketing push" that will coincide with the release of 1.5. This will include a community marketing campaign that will encourage Firefox fans to tell the world about their favourite browser by publishing home-made videos on a Mozilla Web site.

"You will have real people telling you about Firefox's features — what's cool and great," said Beard. "People can create the video and upload it to the Mozilla site. The video will then be reviewed and put on our Web site, with a link from their location."

The videos will be hosted on the SpreadFirefox community marketing site, which will display a world map with a dot marking each location where a video has been created.

Beard said he doesn't know how many people will get involved in this campaign, particularly as it is dependent on contributors having video equipment, such as a camcorder or a Web cam.

"It's hard to tell. With The New York Times'  ad campaign we thought it would take weeks to raise the money, but in less than 48 hours we had already raised enough for an ad," said Beard. "With this [campaign] it's also uncertain — are we going to get hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of videos?"

As the videos are likely to be posted in many languages, Mozilla will use international volunteers to filter the videos. It has already recruited teams to cover 20 European languages, according to Tristan Nitot, the president of Mozilla Europe.

Prizes for the best videos will be awarded at the end of the campaign. The Mozilla Corporation is also launching a separate competition to create a 30-second advert for Firefox, which will be open to everyone but will be particularly targeted at film students.

As well as the video campaigns, the Mozilla Corporation plans to launch a consumer-oriented Web site next week., which currently hosts a placeholder page, will in future be the main entry point for the Mozilla organisation, rather than, Beard explained.

"Part of our marketing strategy is to target more of a general consumer audience, who don't necessarily have a technical understanding, so we are looking to make our Web sites more approachable," said Beard.

Mozilla is also hoping to improve its consumer focus by offering a major release every six to nine months, rather than every two years — as was the case when it was part of Netscape. In keeping with this new strategy, Firefox 2.0 is scheduled for release in the middle of 2006 and Firefox 3 is planned for the first quarter of 2007.

There have been more subtle change in Mozilla's marketing strategy over the last year. In 2004, before the release of Firefox 1.0, the Mozilla marketing contact predicted that Firefox would obtain 10 percent market share by the end of 2005. This week, Beard refused to provide any new targets, merely saying that Mozilla is "looking forward to continuing growth".

This change appears to have been partly driven by the proliferation of browser statistics, with companies pointing out any decrease in Firefox and many conflicting statistics available over Firefox's overall market share.

"It's difficult to get good statistics. People can use statistics in different ways," said Beard

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  • I think Mozilla / Spreadfirefox should have a new donations drive linked to this competition. They should have the donations go towards making a high quality commercial out of the winner video, or using all the best ideas together, and then airing it on a major tv-channel (preferrably BBC). Yes, I know thats a lot of money, but lots of people, myself included, are willing to support firefox. Now that the number of users have increased tenfolds or more, there is a lot of money to be collected. And yes, I have already donated, and could do so again, but as I have said several times, we want a short-term target and results for our donations. Give us some an easy way to donate and clear results. The NYT ad campaign was a great success. Lets do it again. And like that time, the most important effect would be the media attention it would garner.
  • Would be nice if the page would actually work in Linux Firefox...or Opera...
  • By 'actually work', what do you actually mean? For instance, displays flawlessly in my Firefox browser on my Ubuntu Linux 5.10 box, despite a couple of bugs elsewhere in the environment; I might add, it als fares well enough on the Firefox browser on my Windows XP Home Edition environment, which is way buggier.
    Would this be a case of the troll phoning it in?
  • I'm using Opera, and this page 'works'. In the software field, this is what we call a 'user' error.
  • Phony complaint against Firefox

    Whoever said it doesn't work is probably a troll. I'm using Ff 1.0.7 on SimplyMEPIS 3.4 and I have no problem viewing the site.
  • We're the 30th and no sign of fire, I think water came instead; Mozilla is entering reality of business.
  • Firefox is soon going to take over the desktop