First inside look at Apple's new 'spaceship' campus, in pictures

First inside look at Apple's new 'spaceship' campus, in pictures

Summary: Apple's Campus 2, dubbed the "spaceship," comes to life with a whole new set of street-level renderings from the architects, submitted to Cupertino's city council.


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  • Back to nature

    >>Apple says the environmental impact of the building will actually increase the number of trees and grassy areas the plot of land will occupy.

    Wow, maybe they will let the site go natural, let bears and wolves roam free.
  • it looks sterile

    and at the rate aaple's been with new innovations i don't see the circular pavilion getting any use.
    • much hate.

      @Challenger R/T

      Right, because everyone is shipping 64bit mobile processors with finger print sensors that actually work. Others are shipping powerful tablets that are as fast and light weight as the iPad or coming up with workstations like that Mac Pro that incorporate an innovative thermal core to reduce heat and fans / noise, etc. Right???

      Anyway, given Apple's continued growth in revenue and earnings, they'll fill the new campus just fine.
      • Shifting Focus...

        Off of the campus, any mobile or tech company doesn't make their products on their campus. The materials that companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google etc... use to make their devices is what ruin the environment. Just saying. And it's funny... a 64 bit mobile worthless... maybe years from now they will be useful but for now? 32 bit works just fine for anything 2 gigs of ram can handle. And the finger print sensor that the Atrix used was pretty darn accurate. And yes the tech inside the Mac Pro is super impressive, i give them credit for that, looks really neat.
        • "32 bit works just fine for anything 2 gigs of ram can handle"

          The advantages of a 64-bit CPU architecture is about much more than the amount of physical memory that can be accessed (e.g. more efficient processing). However, it also means that code might take up more memory when compiled for the new architecture.
      • Yes, because that 64 bit tablet

        has what great advantage over a 32 bit one?
  • It's missing something

    It's far too colorful. They should consider using some white in the interior design.
    • they will need a lot of window washers

      To keep all those glass walls clean.
      • Apples next product after the building opens...

        robotic window washers...
        • Really?

          What and deny migrant workers the opportunity to clean them ??
      • And medics

        to assist those that continue to walk into them once cleaned :)
    • white.....

      That white idea is a great idea......
  • is this being built in USA?

    I ask because there was not one obese person in the images. Does Apple discriminate on BMI?

    Still, looks like an interesting building, I hope they are doing Eco stuff like deep geothermal heat or heat exchangers for incoming air/outgoing hotwater