First Latin American Apple Store opens this weekend in Rio

First Latin American Apple Store opens this weekend in Rio

Summary: The new store is located in a shopping mall and will enjoy longer opening hours

TOPICS: Apple, Mobility

The first ever physical Apple Store in Latin America will open for business tomorrow (15) at a shopping mall in a wealthy area of Rio de Janeiro.

Until now, all the shops selling Apple products in Brazil were licensed partners that emulated the minimalistic steel-and-glass look of the real Apple stores.

Because it is located in a shopping mall, the first Brazilian Apple Store will have the exceptionally long opening hours of 10am to 11pm from Monday to Saturday and 1pm to 9pm on Sundays, differently to the usual 9-6 opening hours of Brazilian high street shops.

Following the layout of other shops in major capitals around the world, the Rio Apple Store will also have a giant glass store front and will be split into two areas.

The main room will have 140 devices including Mac desktops, iPads and iPhones available for tests while the back of the store will have a Genius Bar tech support station with accessories for sale, as well as a workshop and training room.

It is already possible to schedule Genius Bar appointments at the new Rio store through the company's website.

Topics: Apple, Mobility

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    Very sad milestone : Brazil has the most expensive ipads price in the entire world :

    As the joke goes, brazilian are the richest people in the world. We can afford to pay US$760 for an older Ipad 4.