First purported photo of Apple's iOS 7 home screen surfaces

First purported photo of Apple's iOS 7 home screen surfaces

Summary: While blurry, this alleged leak of Apple's iOS 7 home screen gives a sneak peek at Apple's new, flatter app icons.

TOPICS: Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad

iDownloadBlog has posted what it believes is a photo (albeit blurry) of the yet-unannounced iOS 7 home screen (via Sonny Dickson):

First purported photo of iOS 7 home screen surfaces - Jason O'Grady

While the photo is lacking in detail, designer Surenix reproduced the fuzzy icons and created the following mockup which provides a peek at what Apple's new, flatter app icons could look like in iOS 7:

Mockup of iOS 7 home screen icons - Jason O'Grady

Here are the same icons in iOS 6, for comparison:

iOS 6 home screen icons - Jason O'Grady

Right off the bat a more consistent design sensibility is evident in the iOS 7 icons. They're more unified and look like they came from the same design team. Most notably, the white borders and gloss effect found in the iOS 6 app icons are gone. Also missing are the faint diagonal stripes from the Messages and Phone app icons. The gradient backgrounds appear to have been completely removed from the Messages and Phone app icons yet curiously, they're preserved in the Music and Safari app icons.

The camera lens and gear wheel are slightly larger in the Camera and Settings app icons and the music note was changed from a dark red to white, which better matches the Messages and Phone app icons. iDownloadBlog also notes that Jony Ive appears to have added a touch of reality to the iOS 7 Weather app by adding clouds to its updated icon. If the leaked photo is indeed real, Ive also ditched the "73 degree" text from the old Weather app icon.

After the departure of Scott Forstall in October 2012, Senior Vice President of Industrial Design Jony Ive was promoted to head Apple's new Human Interface group. Ive has been rumored to minimize the use of skeuomorphism in Apple’s iOS in favor of a flatter design. If real, the leaked image of the iOS 7 home screen would appear to bear that out.

iOS 7 is widely believed to be announcemed at Apple's annual developer conference, WWDC, which opens on June 10, in San Francisco.

What do you think of Ive's flatter app icons? 

Topics: Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad

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  • Forward thinking...

    Maybe it's not absolute. But, I'll be the first to congratulate Apple on dissolving such ridiculous, time tied UI such as skeumorphic resolutes that tie them to periods of time such as what has become their norm, to the detriment of new, younger users. Please, one of Apple's ridiculous skeumorphisms is the use of a calendar rip-off page. I know of absolutely no one under the age of 24 that even relates to that metaphor. Even worse is the forced metaphor for 'reel to reel' still present in iTunes. Want to date yourself? Keep with these ridiculous iconic metaphors. One for instance, I posed what Apple still deems relevant, a reel to reel icon to someone under the age of twenty, and they had no past experience to fall back upon. Really, Reel to Reel, VCR tech, or even tear-off calendar pages? Skeumorphism is DOA for everyone older than 30. Yet, that is the tech that Apple clings to?
    • Hate "Flat"

      None of the "Flat" designs look good. They all look like someone with no design talent tried to do something "Cool".

      "Flat" design is pretty much talentless:

      1. No shadows or anytyhing else.
      2. White background, bold black sans serif font
      3. Lots of whitespace
      4. Blocks of text or stuff

      Takes 0 talent to do flat design.
      • Exactly my opinion

        I have a couple of additional observations.

        1. Why is everyone in the media so excited about the icons looking different? Seriously. That's not exactly a useful change. It's absolutely mental to make this out to be an improvement, when it's simply different and adds no functionality, whatsoever.

        2. This is another example of the trend toward moronic "change for the sake of change." Frankly, the original icons are far more attractive. Apple should spend the time and resources fixing things which are actually broken, rather than wasting time making their icons uglier.
        • yes and no

          truly there is no reason to get exited about some cosmetic changes of icons.

          Said that, any layout, graphic or visual aspect are changed from time to time, refined, polished and so. Is not change for the sake of change but just small evolutionary steps.
    • Forward to over 30?

      Your "name' probbly explains your seemingly lack of participation in anything productive using these devices.

      Whatever 'Skeumorphism' is (pain killer?), you are correct .. atleast for those of us whose ears are neither pierced nor filled with plugs, view our iPhone only when necessary and use Macs as tools.

      Not in your world, right??
  • windows 8 copy

    We'll wait and see
    • So you are saying it's doomed

      It's all set for a failure :P
      • So you are saying...

        Yet another person saying that Windows 8 is doomed... evidence to back that claim please?
        Windows 8- an UI radically different than any other system on the market so you might expect it to fail, yet in the 7.5 months it's been on the market (and in very limited form factors until recently) it's selling at about the same fast rate as did Windows 7, the fastest selling and by far most used OS ever released at 750 million copies in use. Microsoft started with the usual lousy marketing the company is known for, but they're finally comparing the 'stripped down' and slower selling RT version side-by-side with the ipad, so expect it to gain popularity pretty quickly. Of course Windows 8 marketshare is low now, it's less than 8 months old! But, it's marketshare is fast closing in on mac (not that mac ever had much share anyway) and will soon surpass mac in usage and before long will surpass what's considered by some to be the least liked version of Windows: Vista. Now, how long has the mac OSX system been out- several years right, not just 8 months. If you consider such a strong start a failure, then tell me what you consider a success?
        You people who make simplistic statements just because you've never actually used Windows 8 never fail to amuse me.. So, thanks for the laugh, you just brightened my day a bit.
        Written on an older laptop upgraded to Windows 8 Pro version, and as great as Windows 7 is, I'll never go back, nor will anyone I know who uses Windows 8.
        AleMartin, by your posts I surmise you to be nothing more than a troll, yet you're apparently so worried that Windows 8 will become far more popular than any system Apple has ever built that you feel the need to trash something about which you know nothing- is your life really that boring?
        • You don't care....

          that a great many people install a pleasant to use copy of 7 on their new hardware within weeks of determining 8 still sucks.
    • Win 8 copy ??? Huh?

      Apple GUI will still be useable. I doubt they will force a "Metro" on their users.

    Apple will probably be raking in millions from this boring design. This minor "redesign" is really nothing to get hyped up about.
  • All this talk over new icons!

    Microsoft do this almost every Office release, you don't see articles written about it.
    • Um, you're kidding right?

      War and peace was written about the ribbons in 2007 and 2010.
      • Um...

        Well said Mac_PC_FenceSitter! And people still complain about the 'ribbon' even though it greatly simplifies using Office. I suppose there are some people who will just never be happy with anything Microsoft does, no matter how great it may be...
        • Taking exception

          The ribbon was created so that barely-trained monkeys could use Office. It removed or buried many features that advanced users needed. It is a poor use of space with less functionality. The people who welcomed the ribbon were the occasional users or people who only use it to type letters. People who write technical papers or books were abandoned. When I wrote my thesis, Word automatically generated the table of contents, the reference notes, and the index. Word is no longer a professional-grade tool. It's a simplistic shadow of its former self. Ribbons killed Office for intelligent users.
      • Complaints...

        For the MS GUIs come from "HAPPY" MS users.
      • Not really

        Icons are not ribbons, which is what @bradavon was talking about. He is right, Microsoft changes Office icons with almost every release, and most people don't even notice it.
      • is different. we are talking here about cosmetic changes

        The ribbon was a bold departure from the previous ui metaphor, introducing a complete new workflow and way to interact with the program.
  • So...

    So, no widgets, then? Apple's field of icons homescreen is surely getting long in the tooth. I think few will deny that, whatever its other virtues or faults, Android has a more visually pleasing and more useful homescreen.
    • Ios7

      This is only one of the things featured in the ios 7