Fitbit announces new affordable Zip and sweat-proof One

Fitbit announces new affordable Zip and sweat-proof One

Summary: People seem to be spending more time tracking their health via mobile devices and using the data to get motivated and fit. Fitbit leads with some excellent products and just announced two new devices.


Over past several months I have been focusing on fitness and getting myself back into shape and am finding the mobile health industry seems to be growing. I took a look at a few products in March and commented that the Fuelband was the one that always stays with me. The folks at Fitbit have the device that captures the most comprehensive data, but I like a band better than a clip. To address some people's concerns and offer a less expensive options, Fitbit just released the Fitbit Zip at $59.95 with the Fitbit Onecoming soon for $99.95.

Fitbit Zip

Fitbit announces new affordable Zip and sweat-proof One

The new Fitbit Zip is a more affordable solution for those looking for a more basic tracking solution. It has watch batteries too so does not need to be charged up for several months and also comes in some vibrant colors (blue, magenta, charcoal, lime green, and white). The Fitbit Zip tracks steps taken, calories burned, and distance traveled. You can change the data on the display by tapping it rather than pushing a button like on the Ultra and One. Bluetooth 4.0 is also used to sync to iOS devices with wireless sync support to your PC too (includes Bluetooth 4 dongle).

Fitbit One


For my personal needs, the Fitbit One looks like a great replacement for the Fitbit Ultra. I especially like the ability to sync it with iOS devices and your PC via Bluetooth 4.0 without any cable or dock (Android sync coming), much like my MOTOACTV. Another major update to the Fitbit One is the rain, splash, and sweat-proof construction that often caused issues with the Fitbit Ultra. The Fitbit One comes in black or burgundy and I preordered a burgundy one, figuring I can find it and keep track of it easier than a black one.

The Fitbit One tracks steps, stairs climbed, calories burned, hours slept, and more with the excellent API so that you can connect it with many popular fitness and food tracking and monitoring apps. I also have the Fitbit Aria wireless scale and use it to help motivate me to lose weight (lost 15 pounds over last month).

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  • I've always viewed gadgets as excuses when it come sto fitness

    You need to:

    a) watch what you eat, and that means understanding what is in what you eat and how much you conusme (and yes, skipping some meals)
    b) learn how to exercise properly (I maintain 11% body fat, and have done so for the last 20 years with only 15 minutes worth of exercise every 3 days)
    c) Learn how to work out your lower body
    d) limt intake of things that kill your metabolism (alcohol in particular, it's delightful, and in many cases delicious, so enjoy it with a meal at most 2 times a week)
    e) spend the money on a nice bench and brett contreras' ebook (google is your friend, I can't do all the work can I?)
  • The FitBit 1 wasn't very useful for sleep monitoring

    I bought one just to monitor my sleep patterns. One setting wasn't sensitive enough and the other was way too sensitive. Many times it got mixed up between wake/sleep times and trying to fix it manually was a pain (and not always possible). All said, it provided very little useful information and its inconsistencies were frustrating.
    • Fitbit One isn't out yet

      I'm curious to know which model you thought didn't track sleep patterns well enough. You said Fitbit 1 but that model (as I understand it) is one of the new ones that doesn't ship until October. Just trying to get the models straight as I intend to buy the Fitbit One for my wife.