Five Brazilian Big Data companies to watch

Five Brazilian Big Data companies to watch

Summary: The Brazilian Big Data market is heating up and local companies specializing in particular niches are increasing their footprint internally and abroad. We list the top five Brazilian companies to watch.

TOPICS: Big Data

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  • Navegg

    Founded in 2008 by Pedro Cruz, Luciano Juvinski and Adriano Brandão, Navegg focuses on online targeting based on the audience analysis of any given website through a tool that identifies audience profiles and successful criteria of conversion pages. Backed by local investors Buscapé Company and Astella Investimentos (pictured above with the founders) the firm has a client base that includes local media giants such as, Terra and

  • Aentropico

    Founded by Colombian data scientists Sebastián Pérez Saaibi and Juan Pablo Marín Díaz, in Rio de Janeiro in 2012, Aentropico predictive analytics platform combines improved user experience with applied statistics to bring useful algorithms to non-tech users. The company is currently being accelerated by Brazilian firm 21212 General Partners. 

  • WebRadar

    Focused mainly on the telecommunications, energy and transport sectors, WebRadar's tool continuously collects data generated by all network elements and equipment that make up a mobile network or mobile broadband network. Data is then provided to the user in a way that service issues are pinpointed, as well as actions needed to solve them. The company founded by Adriano Rocha Lima is backed by Intel Capital and has a client portfolio that includes Telefonica and Nextel.

Topic: Big Data

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  • good article

    It is good to focus on big data companies in Latin america. I like the article and posted a link to it on Thanks
  • Gallery buggy on Firefox 29.0

    Pictures 3 and 4 loaded without text, and on retrying, not at all. I could view them normally on IE 11, though. That's some progress, considering that until a couple of weeks ago I couldn't view any ZDnet page on Firefox without an "Error 500" happening...

    Well, all these companies have interesting ideas, and what's most important, they appear to be very much optimized and fine-tuned to the Brazilian market's reality and needs, which I'm sure is a large part of their success. Kudos to those young entrepreneurs and I wish them all the best.