Flight Jacket by MacCase: Perfect MacBook/ultrabook bag

Flight Jacket by MacCase: Perfect MacBook/ultrabook bag

Summary: I recently bought a new MacBook Pro, and as expected it doesn't fit in my favorite small gear bag. That's OK, as this new bag is even better than that one.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, Laptops

Having just the right mobile gear requires the perfect bag to carry it in. Just as important as the gear that goes in it, finding the right gear bag is a cause for celebration. That's what I am doing right now as the Flight Jacket bag I bought from MacCase is everything I want in a bag.

Flight Jacket by MacCase
(Image: James Kendrick/ZDNet)

The Flight Jacket comes in several sizes, each perfectly tailored for a specific MacBook. They will work with any thin laptop but each bag is so thin you want to make certain it will fit before you plop down your cash. The Chromebook Pixel, which is slightly bigger than the MacBook Pro, fits snugly in the bag.

My bag is constructed of what MacCase calls Vintage leather, which looks great and is soft and light. The main compartment fits the 13-inch MacBook Pro (or Air) perfectly with no room to spare, and is lined with soft cloth. There is a flat pocket under the front flap with a Velcro closure, which is the perfect spot for the iPad mini.

The zippered compartment in the front flap, accessible with the bag closed, is just right for securing travel documents on trips. There is another flat pocket on the back of the bag, a good fit for a magazine.

The small pouch just below the front flap is designed to perfectly fit the Apple Super Drive and is detachable to leave at home when not needed. It's also good for a MacBook power adapter and a few small cables.

The Flight Jacket comes with a matching shoulder strap, and there is an optional wide pad to make the strap fit more comfortably over the shoulder. It has a grippy bottom to keep the strap secured to the body. I highly recommend this shoulder pad.

Bag worn as backpack using optional straps. Note: This is the large bag; mine is much smaller.
(Image: MacCase)

There is another option available for the Flight Jacket that allows wearing it as a backpack. Two short straps fit into rings on the bag via heavy duty clips. The bag functions fine as a backpack using the straps, but it's not as comfortable as a real backpack. It's handy when it's important to keep both hands free all the time.

The Flight Jacket from MacCase is well constructed and has a very thin profile whether worn over the shoulder, carried using the loop handle on top of the bag, or worn as a backpack. It is very light, despite being made from strong leather. It is stylish and gets a lot of attention in public.

The bag as shown is $189.99, with both the optional shoulder pad and the backpack straps adding another $30 each. It was a lot more than I planned on spending for a bag, but I find it worth every penny.

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Topics: Mobility, Apple, Laptops

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  • And you wonder why Surface owners laugh at you

    Dude, you are moving in the wrong direction. I know you've been using mobile devices since they weighed 30 lbs so maybe I shouldn't be surprised that you are trying your best to get back to the "good old days".

    You know how I know this is a fail? To paraphrase your idol, steve jobs: "if you see a backpack, they've done it wrong". A backpack? Seriously? That isn't a hint that you've messed up with your mobile selections? You know what bag I used when I moved from the ipad to the Surface? The same one. It has no option to be turned into a backpack. It doesn't need to. There is no way it could ever be bulky or heavy enough to require being transformed into a backpack.

    You've gone on and on about post-pc. You swore to us that the ipad was a laptop replacement. Then you bought a second ipad. Then you bought a chromebook because it turns out that the ipad with a keyboard sucks. You swore to us that a chromebook and 2 ipads were all you needed. Then you bought a macbook. Post-PC is it? Don't piss on my leg and tell me its raining. The post-pc era is here and consists of backpacks with 2 tablets, a 3lb browser, and a ~4 lb laptop.

    A backpack? Hilarious. You can't make this stuff up.
  • tod?botton3=YUP

    TOD,... make a few more idiotic statements and you have sole possession of "bottom feeder", (I take it that is what you mean by your user name).
    EVERYBODY has their druthers. As for you, you MUST keep up with anything new, good for you, that is your choice, leave the rest of the world alone, they are happy, whereas you must not be since your ranting on others. (curious, are you related to Hitler?)
    "It is stylish and gets a lot of attention in public."
    Isn't more attention bad? Does it not flag thieves?
  • I like that bag.

    Looks like 3 "Pony Express" bags of different sizes and are well positioned for EZ access.
    Looks lie someone's thinking, . . . . where todsnot. 8D 8D 8D
  • I was reminded of a 1997 movie as I viewed the backpack example pic.

    My first impression after viewing the picture of the Flight Jacket used as a back pack was movie memories of the 1997 "classic", The Postman, by Kevin Costner.

    I can't help but recall that persons in that movie wore full length leather jackets. I suspect that the Flight Jacket would have been the perfect accessory for one of their standard leather trench coats. Think of how many letters stuffed inside the Flight Jacket the Postman could have delivered?

    All kidding aside, you do know how to pick very slick and stylish laptop carry bags.
  • Nope

    As the Spanish say - mariconada

    If you rocking that: might as well have the rucksack and throw in the laptop
  • bag

    it kind of looks like a man purse but it is kinda retro but wear what you like and it does matter if it works for you.