Fluke Networks OptiView XG

Fluke Networks OptiView XG

Summary: Fluke Networks has announced the OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet, a 10.25in.

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Fluke Networks has announced the OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet, a 10.25in. Windows 7 tablet with excellent connectivity and a suite of Fluke's customisable network analysis tools. It's designed to allow network managers and IT staff to troubleshoot applications, wired networks and wireless LANs either locally or remotely.

The OptiView XG can discover and monitor up to 30,000 devices on the network, including IPv6 devices. It has two RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet ports, a 1Gbps SFP port and a 10Gbps SFP+ port, and a three-radio 802.11a/b/g/n setup that interfaces with Fluke's AirMagnet survey and planning, spectrum analysis and performance analysis tools. Fluke claims that the OptiView XG is the only tool that can capture and analyse network traffic at full 10Gbps line rate.

The 2.5kg OptiView XG allows IT staff to quickly find the path between two points on the network and monitor performance along the link to pinpoint problems. Virtualisation support provides the ability to analyse virtual machines and the VMware ESX servers hosting them. The tablet collects and stores granular data (including NetFlow) for a 24-hour period, providing a historical context for problem-solving. An on-board expert system provides 'guided troubleshooting', suggesting probable causes and solutions for identified network problems.

We're pretty confident that this highly specialised device is the most expensive Windows 7 tablet around: the 'entry level' spec will set you back £16,000, with Wi-Fi and 10Gbps support costing (an unspecified amount) extra.

Topic: Reviews


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