Foldable, swappable, invisible: 12 visions of tomorrow's tablet

Foldable, swappable, invisible: 12 visions of tomorrow's tablet

Summary: Designers are busily reimagining the humble tablet. Take a look at these futuristic concept designs and decide which are likely to become reality.


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  • Even though the tablet is only a few years old as a part of the mainstream computing scene, plenty of designers are coming up with ideas of how to remodel it. Few of these concept devices are likely to see the light of day in their current forms, but they provide an insight into the problems that manufacturers are trying to tackle, and how the tablets of tomorrow might look and function.

    Kristian Ulrich Larsen's Flip phone concept imagines in a three-screen device that can function as a standard smartphone, but can also flatten out into a tablet form factor.

    Image  Kristian Ulrich Larsen ( 

  • With the ability to expand your content onto multiple screens or have multiple apps running on separate screens, it's possible for the user to do more productive and creative things, says Larsen.

    Image  Kristian Ulrich Larsen (


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  • How about...

    How about a tablet that seems to defy the laws of physics and materials science?

    It can be any size you need it to be. It can be dynamically re-sized. It can sit on a table or it can float in the air in front of you. It can bend into a notebook like shape with keys on the bottom and an image on the screen. Or you can fold it like a laptop, then break off the keyboard part and push back the screen to a comfortable distance. It's a 22" monitor when you need it to be, but when you're sitting on the plane it's a 7" e-reader? Oh, also, no one else can see it but you! (unless you specifically choose to share).

    This is the ultimate promise of "Google glass." The tablet, in a sense, exists only "in your head." It is projected onto the lens of the eyepiece you'r wearing. You "share" your tablet by linking your eyepiece via wireless network with the eyepiece of the guy standing next to you.

    And eventually, all this is implanted subcutaneously and wired directly into your neurons.
    • What sort of connector to connect to my PC?

      "And eventually, all this is implanted subcutaneously and wired directly into your neurons."

      Will I have a mini-USB socket in screwed into the side of my skull? Or a non-industry standard Apple connector?
      • Eventually...

        There's no reason why data can't be uploaded wirelessly. And, heck... you've got eyes and ears, right? Technically there's no reason why you can't upload data that way. Stare at a screen for a few moments. Consciously all you see are random colors and patterns flashing by, but the subcutaneously implanted computer system in your brain is processing and demodulating those signals and converting them to data.
      • LOL

        no, it will all be an advanced type of NFC.. USB will be like 8 inch floppies by the time this is mainstream!!!

        this form of backup will take the form of a small cube, and will be 'loaded' by moving it into the field of view.. and kids will ask what that strange thing is! :)
  • Our future is now!!!

    Ahh, maybe you forgot something.
    How about a 'contact lense' that can do all of that. Think about that one.
    It's possible and can run off your phone. A watch can do that now. Corning is about to come up with the short form see through glass tablet (for lack of a name) that even takes pic's. They are developing the future right now! It isn't that far away. Money and first person shooter accomplishments are what makes competition and innovation possible. Can't wait!!!
  • Max Headroom Today

    1985 - Max Headroom, 20 minutes into the Future.

    Matt Frewer's character was always available from a pull out display tablet that rolled back into the wand concept.

    On a more attainable note, the trend of phone displays to go to the physical edge of the device, lends itself to a folding concept providing more screen real estate, ala news room video walls or multi-display signage.
    • Entirely right

      It is DEFINITELY time for Max Headroom to come back. Loved that character!
      • Max s-s-s-sez

        Yes, t-t-t-t-tune into Network 23! The network that's a *real* mind-blower! And I love, love, l-l-love... love those blip-blip-blip-blipverts!
  • fold out screen on large smart phone

    that's what I am looking for. fits in pocket. handles calls without unfolding. gives nearly fully sized keyboard with other 'half' of screen showing content/typing. full screen provides small tablet experience for browsing etc. sell it, I buy it. : )
  • Only transparent one is interesting

    Foldable is unnecessary if Bendable exists and Bendable must be much larger than the concept. The rest are just boring.