Follow us on social media (seriously)

Follow us on social media (seriously)

Summary: We chat and argue and share interesting things in other places besides ZDNet. Why aren't you following us?


Here at ZDNet, we put the social in social enterprise, know what I mean?

But seriously, it's part of our jobs to be everywhere. Now that we've knit together our global teams -- did you know we have bureaus in London, New York, Boston, Louisville, San Francisco, Sydney and Singapore? -- you can chat with us at all hours of the day.

HURRAH, I say.

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*Note: I've made up these nicknames entirely independent of those to whom they are applied. They're probably already plotting to kill me.

Topic: Social Enterprise

Andrew Nusca

About Andrew Nusca

Andrew Nusca is a former writer-editor for ZDNet and contributor to CNET. During his tenure, he was the editor of SmartPlanet, ZDNet's sister site about innovation.

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  • You're not THAT interesting.

    You're not THAT interesting. Just something to do when I'm bored :P.

    The only thing ZDNet is really expert at is being a news organization.

    An NPD study showed that over 90% of households still use PCs, yet ZDNet somehow would still like us to believe it's "post-PC" and not "PC plus."
    • For real?

      You trolled us in the FIRST COMMENT?! I mean, dude, come on. Give us and our precious, fragile feelings a break.

      Seriously though: We never said all the PCs have magically disappeared; we use them plenty ourselves. (In fact, one of our Great Debates was on this very topic. Search for "Is 'post PC era' bunk or legit?")
      • It's noit trolling if it's true ;-)

        There was a time when ZDNet had a lot of technical bloggers who actually delivered interesting facts about new systems, hardware or software or (shock, horror!) actually used and reviewed them.

        Now it's mainly opinion pieces by non experts or troll bait. Bloggers are paid by the amount of posts they attract, which often leads to some bloggers posting highly inflammatory headings or blogs to boost their posts. In other words, it's all about the advertising.

        I'd also be much happier to pick though the dross for the occasional gem, if ZDNet could learn to return me to the next article in the list, rather than popping me back to the bottom of the first page - I'm sure a lot of us here, no matter what our OS could give you some helpful hints about the few lines of code required.

        Social media actually makes it worse, as the shorter posts encourage more controversial opinions and less details. I'd actually like bloggers to do more work, rather than less.

        For the brave few who are still giving us useful information like Mary and Ed, please keep up the good work.
        • and as I see my typo in the heading

          How about the ability to edit posts?

        • re: It's noit trolling if it's true ;-)

          > it's all about the advertising.

          Ain't that the truth. Not only have many of the good bloggers left, even the straight news articles are short on sourcing and long on speculation/opinion. Not to call anybody out, but when you read the bios and see that so-and-so is a criminologist or a teacher, and those are their bona fides, you have to wonder why ZDNet isn't hiring trained journalists.

          Even the comment section has got worse with every "upgrade" as the publishers try to squeeze every click out of readers. In fairness, tho, neither ZDNet nor even CBS is alone in this click-bait awfulness.
          none none
          • Make sure to see my reply to Tony_McS's comment

            Because I think it touches on this concern.
        • Everybody has their place.

          There is news, there is commentary, there is reportage, there is reviews. It's all in there, man. I'm not saying the mix is to your liking, I'm just saying it's being done, every day.

          Your points about incentives are fair, but they scale to the entire web publishing industry, I'm afraid. I'd love for all of you to spend $100 a year subscribing to ZDNet so that we can support this kind of thing, but...

          As for the product feedback: Can you send this using our form? (Here: That way it will go right to that team.

          Still, thanks for leaving all this. I appreciate reading a comment that's actually on topic.
          • ZDNet doesn't even offer the option . . .

            "It's all in there, man."

            All intermingled. I'm not sure I could even get a separate "commentary" and "reportage" RSS feed.

            "I'd love for all of you to spend $100 a year subscribing to ZDNet so that we can support this kind of thing, but..."

            . . . ZDNet doesn't even offer the option.

            Although I should note that ZDNet bloggers boast all the time how they're always "working" anyways, can't they fit a bit more research into that?

            "As for the product feedback: Can you send this using our form?"

            I'm sure they'll put it into their "we'll ignore it for another five years" list. ZDNet's responsiveness to web feedback is abysmal.

            We've been asking for an edit button for a long time. Ed Bott even acknowledged the problem, said it was a bug (in a talkback post so old I doubt I could find it again).

            Hasn't been fixed :(.

            The profanity filter also needs some love. It'll tell you you have a profane word, won't tell you what the word is, and won't allow you to post.

            It'll also claim that after some "review" of the supposedly profane post, it will put it up, but I've never seen that happen.

            The result is that I've had to tear apart my responses and put them up piece by piece until I figure out the supposed "profanity" (always ends up being a benign word) and reword it.

            But - thanks to not having an edit button, it's a painfully visible process and ruins the talkback experience.
      • Facts vs debates

        "You trolled us in the FIRST COMMENT?!"

        ZDNet trolls us with ever-continuing lies, I troll ZDNet with facts and statistics. Deal?

        "I mean, dude, come on. Give us and our precious, fragile feelings a break."

        I've had to deal with this crap for years. NO.

        "We never said all the PCs have magically disappeared; we use them plenty ourselves."

        From the debate itself (Jason Perlow, closing statement): "But the x86-based Wintel PC will soon be extinct."

        . . . but that didn't happen. And it's a far cry from happening. How long will ZDNet keep lying to us?

        Debates are fun - but they are not to be confused with facts.
        • For the record, everyone who left a comment here

          I'll aggregate and personally direct these complaints to the right teams. Just FYI.
    • re: You're not THAT interesting.

      > The only thing ZDNet is really expert
      > at is being a news organization.

      The biggest tech news I've seen today is the massive DDoS attack on Spamhaus. Reportedly, the biggest to date in terms of bits per second, and spreading a lot of collateral damage all over the net.

      Haven't seen it covered here.
      none none
      • A bit late, but they covered it.

        A bit late (saw it on Ars Technica first), but ZDNet does have an article about it.
  • Funny...

    I quoted the headline in my subject line. My comment was 1 word ...No.

    I got picked out as spam!!!

    Gotta love these ZDNet scanners.
    • test

      Follow us on social media (seriously)
      • probably too short a reply

        Considering my post wasn't blocked - I'm guessing the reply was simply too short. Probably a 10 character minimum on post length, not uncommon for message boards.