For better or much worse, Best of CES award winners this century

For better or much worse, Best of CES award winners this century

Summary: From 2000-2012 the winners of the Best of Show award have had very spotty track records and many were destined for failure.


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  • 2001...

    2001 winner: DataPlay discs. It was hoped that this tiny 500MB storage device could replace the CD as a DataPlay disc could store 5 hours of music vs. 1 hour on a 650MB CD.

     How quickly things change from year to year. The main problems of DataPlay discs were its price and the damage it caused to MP3 players. Its DRM prevented a user from deleting the content it downloaded onto an MP3 device. Once content was transferred to an MP3 player, it became permanent. It was called one of the worst gadgets of 2002.

  • 2000...

    2000 prize: CyberGenie from Cygnion Corp was a cordless phone system that used 2.4GHz digital spread spectrum radio technology and speech recognition to manage the communications for a SOHO (if you remember what that is) or small business. It could assist up to 20 users.

    The basic package included a base station, one cordless handset and "CyberGenie@Work" software at a cost of $499.

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  • the descriptions dont match the pictures

    And the pictures don't match the years, please fix
    • I know. I was amazed that in 2001 a 500MB storage device

      was the size of a large TV.
      William Farrel
    • Yep

      You're right.

      And Andrea's story wasn't astonishing at all.
  • Embarrassing!

    Does anyone review these before "publishing"? Based on the number of times errors exist, I'd say not!
    • Obviously not

      Yesterday it was a mess.
      Today it is still a mess.
      Andy Smith ... not good
  • Is that list for the best VAPORWARE at CES??

    Except for the XBox, all other devices were either no-shows (ie: never produced) or epic failures.