Forget about difficult Surface Pro repairs, Microsoft Complete coverage is just $99

Forget about difficult Surface Pro repairs, Microsoft Complete coverage is just $99

Summary: iFixit released their Surface Pro teardown yesterday and some people were fired up about the difficulty opening and accessing the computer. Microsoft offers complete coverage, including accidental damage, for just $99 for Surface Pro buyers.

Forget about difficult Surface Pro repairs, Microsoft Complete coverage is just $99

Yesterday we saw iFixit release their Microsoft Surface Pro teardown and they talked about how it has the worst tablet repairability score ever. It blows my mind how much Microsoft was able to pack into the Surface Pro and I doubt few would ever even try to crack it open for repairs.

The difficulty in repair has some people up in arms questioning why in the world they would pay $900+ for a Surface that may be rendered useless if they dropped it or spilled something on it. However, as one of the few lucky 128GB Surface Pro buyers, I can recommend you simply pay the $99 for the Surface Pro Complete warranty. This is especially recommended if you plan to carry your Surface Pro around all the time like I do.

The Microsoft Complete for Surface warranty gives you an extended warranty and support service for two full years. The protection covers your Surface even if you have an accident, such as a drop or spill. Given the difficulty likely present, as shown by iFixit, you will probably just get a replacement device if you break yours. If you look at the details of the plan, you will see that a defective battery, bad pixels, internal overheating, and more are all covered.

For comparison, the MacBook Air protection from Apple (for a similarly priced device) is priced at $249. The Apple plan covers your device for three years. The plan for Apple computers DOES NOT cover accidental damage. The iPhone plan, AppleCare+, covers accidental damage and costs $99, plus $49 for each damage incident.

You can purchase Microsoft Complete when your buy your Surface or within 45 days of your purchase. I purchase these for devices that I carry all the time and pay big bucks for (non-subsidized smartphones and laptops) and peace of mind for $99 is a great deal.

Microsoft Complete for Surface is only available from the Microsoft Store website when purchased in the same transaction as a Surface device. Hardware coverage is described in the Smartphone plan online at The terms of the two year premium technical support are available at The terms of the two year premium technical support are available at and both sets of terms are available from an associate in store.

UPDATE: The fine print on the Microsoft Complete order page (above) is important to read since it states you have to buy the Surface Pro from the physical Microsoft Store or online. It doesn't sound like people who buy the device from Best Buy, Staples, or elsewhere may be able to get the coverage. A reader stated they may cover it, but that you have to bring the Surface Pro into a Microsoft Store to verify its condition.

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  • Why not in the price?

    For 900 + USD, coverage should be a benefit, not a separate feature.

    Go Microsoft buyers, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation needs to save the world!
    João Santana
    • It is standard...

      even servers are sold without the onsite support, because some don't need it or think they can do the repairs themselves.

      And the $900 price tag won't be making enough profit to allow for such a freebie to cover every device sold. At $99 for the extra cover, they probably calculate that one in 8 machines covered will need to be replaced during that period, otherwise they will take a bath on the deal.
    • Being clumbsy should not be included in the sales price of an item

      At some point people need to take some small measure of responsibility for their actions. $99 that covers user mistakes isn't a bad deal for a $1000 portable device.
  • Wow thats a good price.....

    Have you ever tried to get coverage for your cell phone? ATT just up theirs to like 6.99 a month and 199 for any incident or something crazy like that. At that price buy a new phone they come out with them every 6 seconds.

    At best Protectyourbouble will cover you for 8.99 a month and 99 for any incident.

    But 99 for 2 years and it covers accidental damage!!! Wow that right there should sell anyone on a surface pro.
    • Only if you purchase at the MS Store

      I tried to see if I could purchase the Surface at BB (since they had one waiting for me) and then purchase Complete within the 45 days. No go. You have to purchase through the store is what I was told. I hope that is wrong.
      • re: Only if you purchase at the MS Store

        I was told that if you purchased it at BestBuy or Staples that you could purchase Complete at the MS Store, but you would have to bring the unit in to be inspected.
        • I hope you're right

          I spent time on the phone (and online) with them yesterday and they said only through the Store. There is a (somewhat) local MS store, I may call them and see if they can do it. I have no problem bringing in the unit.
        • Store

          I just tried to call the local store and got the main number. The lady on the phone routed me to It appears you can buy Complete there. I could not do it since it needed my serial number.

          Personally, I think $99 for two years is a good deal.
      • Price is $149 unless purchased With a PRO

        I tried to purchase Complete after picking up my 128GB Pro yesterday from my Best Buy Preorder. The Chat Specialist was very helpful but informed me that she was unable to change the price to $99 for me. She opened a case to see if someone else was able to get me the $99 price since the website says nothing about only being available to those buying the Surface from The site or store at the time of purchase. Hope it works out for us all!

        Also, the terms she quoted me stated taht accidental damage was limited to 2 occurances and had a $50 deductible. This is not the same as the terms linked from the site to the "mobile coverage" that we are supposed to fall under.
      • You don't have to purchase complete care where you bought your surface

        You don't have to purchase through the store. Just go to and you can buy the complete care
  • I just found out that the Cameras are both only 1.2 MP

    Wikipedia has Surface Pro cameras at only 1.2 Mp and there is no GPS. All for $1299 and not we have to buy a battery pack and fix it insurance. Woo doggie, And I believe that the keyboard is $129. Why is it so expensive and this is crazy about a tablet or as they call it a PC that they short changed us on the screen and keyboard size and battery size and no decent cameras. NBo wonder this thing sold out the first day ;)
    Tim Jordan
    • I don't care about cameras they are good enough for video chatting.

      GPS is different. If you want to take pictures with your tablet then go with iToy or gToy.
      Ram U
    • Surface Pro pricing is a deal.

      I'm guessing you think the Surface Pro is expensive. Lets see:

      Name a device that weights under 2 pounds, has a 3rd Gen. Core-I 5, with 64 gigs of mSATA SSD storage for under $900. Don't say a Mac Air cause that's a $1000. And it's heavier. And only has a 768p screen as opposed to a 1080P screen. And its a non-touch screen compared to a 10 finger multi-touch screen with digital pen input (pen included by the way). And it doesn't have accelerometers, gyroscopes, or a compass. (By the way, the Surface (just like my laptop and probably the Mac Air) uses wifi triangulation for location detection. Not a true GPS, but works great for local news, weather, etc on the fly)

      The Surface is a tablet that converts to an ultrabook. There are ultrabooks that convert into tablets, like the Lenovo Yoga.

      The choice is yours. And that's why Microsoft is the most popular desktop operating system in the world. Their business model. They make the software, and the OEM's gives you a variety of form-factors and price points to choose from. It's the same reason why Android is the most popular smart phone operating system in the world.

      Don't fear the future
    • Everyone is entitled to their opinion

      But there is a lot of intentional hatred and misinformation about the Surface Pro. People bash the price, weight and battery life, but they never mention what they think the "TRUE" price, weight and battery life should be for what their getting. It's like someone complaining that a 500hp Corvette doesn't get the same mileage as a Toyota Prius. And then also complain that is more expensive and noisier than the Prius too.
      Don't fear the future
    • ...

      I am glad that you did not take you profile photo with a decent camera otherwise we would see the cracks on your face. And why would you need a battery pack old-timer, I don't think your attention span can even reach 3 hours before you have to go and take a nap. And the only insurance that you need to worry about is your life insurance, because at your age you are not that repairable either.
    • Tim Jordan the idiot.

      Tim why even come over here with your duplicate post and crying about how your apple product is so much better. here is a article for you to read:

      With the surface pro and keyboard and warranty I'm still getting out cheaper and will be more productive with the Surface pro than Apple. I bet you don't even use the computer for work and your ipad just rocks on your email and browsing that you do.

      I can compile code, do a presentation with powerpoint, vpn to my work and use my surface to support my clients and it's fast as H#@@.

      How about you go read up on the apple smartwatch, seems like something you would enjoy.
      Element D
    • Because wikipedia is always right

      I hope you go to Wikipedia for your medical advice as well so we wont have to read your lame comments long
    • If we throw some chicken feed on the ground

      will you flap your arms like a chicken, and eat it?

      I ask as all we get from you is cluck, cluck, cluck, so you're already halfway there.
      William Farrel
  • What about the battery?

    My Galaxy Tab Plus is fairly simple to open with a case opener and I could change the battery in just a few minutes. Batteries go bad. The Surface will need a replacement battery in 2 years if it is used heavily. One would hope to keep it longer than that.

    Best Buy, BTW, has a better insurance than the carriers. I pay $10 a month to insure my Note 2 and there is no deductible. This is way better than Sprint's "deal". I had an S3 digitizer replaced without cost.
    • My Galaxy Tab Plus is fairly simple ...

      yes it is. They fall apart regularly just like the galaxy phones.