Forget films; add an extra layer of Gorilla Glass to your iPhone

Forget films; add an extra layer of Gorilla Glass to your iPhone

Summary: I'm rough on my electronics and always use a case on my iPhone. I'm convinced that if Batman had an iPhone, he'd use the Lunatik Taktik Extreme case on it. Google+

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Some people don't like cases on their iPhones, and this post isn't for them. If you're still reading, you're probably like me and have dropped your glass and aluminum toy on the pavement at least once, and maybe several times. I use my iPhone so much that I can't afford not to have it protected by a case, and while AppleCare+ is amazing (and a must purchase with an iPhone), the inconvenience of getting an iPhone repaired is as bad (or worse) as the expense.

For the above reasons, I almost always keep my iPhone in a protective case. In fact, I rotate my cases depending on what I'm doing with my iPhone and where I'm taking it. It's been my experience that the summer months are the most dangerous for my iPhone because I use it outside more, I take more road trips, and I have less pockets to store it in (think shorts and t-shirts).

And then there's the water. iPhones hate water.

Today's case instalment is about my favorite summer iPhone case, because it's super rugged and water resistant. And yes, it comes with an extra layer of genuine Gorilla Glass on the front, which beats the pants off a film any day.

Forget films, add an extra layer of Gorilla Glass to your iPhone - Lunatik Taktik Extreme iPhone 5 case - Jason O'Grady
(Image: Jason D. O'Grady/ZDNet)

Enter the Lunatik Taktik Extreme case ($124.99) for the iPhone 5, aka, Batman's iPhone case.

It features a 6mm impact truss around the perimeter (like the Taktik Seismik case I reviewed in April 2013), allowing your iPhone to survive a drop onto most hard surfaces without any trauma. It also includes covers for the Lightning and headphone ports so that sand and water don't get in when they're not in use, but my favorite feature — hands down — is the extra sheet of Corning Gorilla Glass that protects my iPhone's screen from dings, scratches, and suntan lotion.

In addition to always using a case, I always have a film on the front of my iPhone to protect it from the various hazards that lurk in my pockets, but also to give it extra protection in the event of a fall. The Gorilla Glass in the Taktik Extreme case is better still. Unlike films, which inevitably develop grooves, can peel off, and somewhat distort the image quality of the iPhone 5's Retina display, Gorilla Glass is smooth, non-distorting, and almost impossible to detect when it's on. Gorilla Glass also performs just like the iPhone's native screen, and has zero impact on performance.

While it's not waterproof (very few cases are), the Taktik Extreme offers just enough water and dust resistance to keep my iPhone out of trouble during summer activities, and I don't worry about using it at the beach or by the pool. I had no trouble with the size of the Lightning port opening, but the headphone port was a little snug with the audio cable in my car (although it still worked). Also, the bezel around the screen makes it a little harder to drag app icons between home screens, but not more than other similar case that I've used. Like all impact cases, Taktik Extreme adds a little heft and weight to the otherwise svelte iPhone, but the trade-off is well worth the extra protection, in my opinion.

If you're rough on your electronics and looking for a case that will protect your iPhone from the perils of summer, the Lunatik Taktik Extreme is for you.

Topics: Apple, iPhone, Reviews

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  • bad bad case

    that case looks like something an apache helicopter threw up. the purpose of any case should be to follow the design lines of the device itself, not make it look like that.
    I am no apple fan, but I do appreciate the great and beautiful design of the iDevices, and that case just does not do it any justice. That compact sleek little device looks like its in a straightjacket.
    I learned from using smartphones for about 10 years, that when there is a huge piece of glass that needs to be protected, then use it carefully. How the heck are you going to show off the sleek new iCrap through that case?
    • really?

      Then how do you explain this:
    • Of course it's not really the case is it?

      This: "How the heck are you going to show off the sleek new iCrap through that case?" is the tell. Why bother to comment about a case you don't like for a phone you don't like other than to troll?

      To address the article there are times when a tough case is needed - I use the Otterbox Defender to protect my devices and it does the job quite well. I do agree that the case here is quite bulky when compared with the Defender but it's a much tougher case. I can see a case like this used in military applications or in construction applications but as far as the beach the Defender works well.
      • yeuch

        I agree about the use in potential military applications (though I'm not sure iPhones are standard issue), but the previous poster is right, that's a hideous case.
    • Opinion does not equal fact.

      Your opinion is not fact. The purpose of a case has nothing to do with matching the "design lines of the device itself." The purposes are to protect the device and reflect the personality or tastes of the person buying the case. People often buy a device for the functionality, hardware support, and application support, without regard to what it looks like. As this article clearly demonstrates, appearance is easily changed with a case. If he prefers his phone to look like Batman's assault vehicle, you have zero say in the decision. Further, I'm pretty sure nobody cares what you think. Move along troll.
  • How do you even carry that?

    We have been told for months that the Nokia Lumia 920 wasn't portable because it was too thick and heavy. Your iphone is bigger and heavier than my Lumia. So how do you manage? According to ZDNet logic, your big, bulky, heavy iphone should have you pinned to the ground, unable to move.

    Or is the size and weight of my Lumia just fine?
    • Link?

      Can you provide a link to an article in which John O'Grady complained that your Lumia 920 was to thick and heavy? Or are all ZDnet contributors equally responsbile for everything that every other ZDnet contributor writes?
    • Um

      So Jason has actually let you handle his iPhone.?Very silly of him. :-0
      Laraine Anne Barker
    • This is not a Nokia related article

      and your comment has little relationship with the article content, which relates to a case design for iPhones.
    • Re: the Nokia Lumia 920 wasn't portable

      Oh, it is not portable? Why? Does it not have handle to carry it, or does it not fit in a briefcase?

      You own such an device and know first hand. If you say it is not portable, then so be it.
  • Cost

    This case cost nearly as much as my Nokia 521.
    • Nokia isn't the iPhone's main competitor

      the Samsung Galaxy line is.
  • Sure, but rather get a LifeProof cover

    Except for making the touch experience a bit funny with the layer over the screen it's a really great case, not bulky and it has quite a good water proof rating. I tested it. Took the empty case held it under water and squeezed it, some air escaped through the speaker and mic things but no water got in.
  • The Insanity of it All

    This case, and so many others, are so insane... but funny to see. These cases are probably necessary - and not just for the iPhone users - for those media addicts who strike at their phone like a rattle snake each time it makes a sound... they are so frantic to answer a call, or see a tweet or message, that they are completely clumsy when it comes to actually getting their hand securely on the phone. Consequently, the phone goes tumbling to the ground. Never-the-less, the gorilla glass addition for this case is an interesting aspect. And the fact it does not detract from the performance is amazing.
  • Looks military

    bang, bang, boom. "All the men are dead sir but the phone is OK." "Thanks soldier, that's what I want to hear."
    And you silly people thought there was no market for it.
    • Maybe they should have made it in Khaki

      or put a Batman logo on it. :)
  • I like the case! And I don't even own an iphone!

    Wish it was available for my Razr Maxx!
  • What is the future of the tech behind the glass?

    Should be very interesting to see how PET material screen protectors affect the mobile phone repair industry. I think customers will become tired of paying $150 every time they drop their device! For such a cheap cost, I don't see what repair store wouldn't offer them to their customers and why consumers wouldn't adopt this technology sooner than later!
    Dustin Jones