Forgive me, Firefox, for I have sinned; Chrome is my new love now

Forgive me, Firefox, for I have sinned; Chrome is my new love now

Summary: Darling Firefox, I thought of Chrome as a simple dalliance of convenience. Just one or two days, when you wouldn't talk to me, I sought solace in Chrome's Omnibox.

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Sad Firefox

Forgive me, Firefox, for I have sinned. It has been four long months since I've launched your interface, touched your menus, or configured your add-ons.

It snuck up on me, really, this love for Chrome. Firefox, you know how long we've been together. In the very earliest days, I dabbled with IE and even the prepubescent Mosaic, but once you came along, you were my favorite scroll.

But after 8 long years, the luster has worn off. I don't know if it's you or the Web sites I choose to visit, but you just seemed slower, crankier, unkempt. I know you upgraded yourself regularly, but still, you seemed to have let yourself go.

Even though I was committed to you, I found myself growing more frustrated, even annoyed with you. Then there were the days you chose to be completely unresponsive. Days where nothing I did could get you to come out of your shell, and visit Web pages or behave properly.

I guess I could have stayed with you then, and I had every intention of doing so. But then, one day, it happened. I had to get something done, probably for work, and you just weren't willing to help. Rather than pick a fight with you, I decided to try Chrome.

I didn't think I'd like Chrome, and at first, I really didn't. First was the fact that Chrome seems to have been playing around with almost everyone. No matter who you spoke to, it was all Chrome this, Chrome that. That Chrome sure got around.

Chrome snuck further and further into my life. She introduced me to extensions that matched (and sometimes exceeded) your add-ons.

But you were just so sluggish; and so I tried Chrome. Initially, I found myself quite annoyed with Chrome's attitude. First of all, Chrome won't let me rearrange her toolbars like you do. I miss that with you.

Then, Chrome doesn't run the same add-ons you do. Some of those special little tricks you did were critical to my daily productivity and happiness, and Chrome wouldn't do for me what your add-ons would do.

Darling Firefox, I thought of Chrome as a simple dalliance of convenience. Just one or two days, when you wouldn't talk to me, I sought solace in Chrome's Omnibox.

But over time, Chrome snuck further and further into my life. She introduced me to extensions that matched (and sometimes exceeded) your add-ons. She's open and sharing, naturally, so all my bookmarks work everywhere, even without the overhead of Xmarks. She's also incredibly tough. If one of her tabs fail, she keeps on going. If one of your tabs fail, you have a hissy fit and crash.

And then, just today, it hit me. I've been with Chrome full-time now for months, and had even pretty much forgotten about you. I never even said goodbye. I just slowly, subtly, even without noticing it myself, switched over completely from you, Firefox, my old and trusted companion, to Chrome, my new love, my new browser.

That's why, today, I'm seeking your forgiveness. Firefox, you will always have a special place in my heart, but you just don't seem to have it in you anymore. You just don't seem willing to fight the good fight. You just don't seem to love me enough to keep browsing, day-in and day-out. You've become yesterday's browser.

I'm sorry Firefox, but I'm now with Chrome full-time. I wanted to tell you now, rather than have you read it on my Facebook status.

Be strong, Firefox. Farewell. Fare well.

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David Gewirtz, Distinguished Lecturer at CBS Interactive, is an author, U.S. policy advisor, and computer scientist. He is featured in the History Channel special The President's Book of Secrets and is a member of the National Press Club.

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  • It just happens

    I tried IE10 and the latest version of Firefox, but I kept coming back to Chrome again and again. Google tracks you, spies on you and even restrict some of your extensions.....but I don't care about the data they take for their ads as I never pay attention anyway, it's fast and rock-solid for all my browsing needs, though sometimes I go back to IE10 and check out if the adblock plus extension has been released for it (not yet).
  • my eyes hurt

    was it like every second word in the article - Chrome?
  • Chrome is my new love now

    David, great choice.

    You can always go back to Firefox later if needed.
  • ...but you just seemed slower, crankier, unkempt...

    Since ver. 4 FF is worst and worst, I check every new version but always back to IE... and Opera.
    • common it may lose to chrome -i switched too even though i never thought i

      would - but still you can't compare it to likes of IE and even Opera this is an insult to FF!
      • Actually...

        I also like IE better than FF these days... Though I still use Chrome as my main browser.
      • yes i can

        IE especially IE10 is just better than FF, no needs to install 3rd party addons to block adds and scripts, no need plugins at all, run much smoother and eat less resources (if this matters for someone in this days).
        Opera is also much better then FF, like IE you don't need any install plugins and she have solid anti phishing protection (like IE), but I notice some performance issue on some sites so she is not my main browser.
  • I like both

    Chrome and Firefox. Both are fine, and I still use Firefox because it lets you use your own fonts for webpages. This is more legible when you have Ubuntu fonts. Chrome is somewhat faster, but the margin is now decreasing. You can add the plug in "TrackMeNot" on both browsers, too, if you are concerned about ad trackers.
    D.J. 43
  • I've shopped around for browsers too

    IE -> Firefox -> Chrome and now back pretty much 100% on IE10.

    I have been encouraging everyone to stay away from webkit browsers, not because they are bad but because it is VERY important to lower the marketshare that webkit has. Use Opera, use Firefox, use IE. Do NOT use safari or chrome.

    Why? Because apple has decided to hijack web standards and is trying to force on us a webkit standard. This is bad for competition and bad for innovation. We need to put an end to web sites that are "best viewed in -browser-". This was bad in the 90s and is just as bad today. We must NOT let apple steal the web from us through a simple prefix: -webkit

    I encourage all of you using Chrome and safari to switch, not because these are bad browsers (Chrome is a great browser, safari sucks though) but because by using them, you are encouraging site authors to use -webkit, to destroy web standards, and to usher us back into the 90s where the web was best viewed on non-standards compliant browsers.

    Mozilla, Opera, and Microsoft are the only companies out there trying to save us from apple's attempt to co-opt the Internet. Let's support them in that endeavor.
    • Short memory?

      MS already tried to to co-opt the internet and failed.

      IE 10 is a non starter for me.
      • Seems my memory is better than yours

        It is just as wrong for apple to try to co-opt the Internet as it was for MS.

        Don't use IE10 if you don't want to. Use Firefox. Use Opera. Just don't use webkit.
        • Webkit over IE please!!!!!!

          Support your web developer and use anything other IE. Survey still prove that 50% of all web developers time is spent fixing pages for IE. IE has never followed any of the web standards. Webkit follows web standard much more closely and will continue to than IE could ever dream of.

          IE 9 and 10 are vast improvement over 8, but MS was by far the most dated browser on the market. The improve have been major, but it is easy to improve coming from so far behind.
          • Web standards over IE and webkit please

            I'm not saying anyone should use IE instead of standards. I'm saying people should write to the standards and that webkit, IE, Firefox, and Opera should support those standards.

            And for the most part, they do. The problem is that apple has EXTENDED the web standard with webkit extensions, refused the W3C's request to make those extensions standard, and threatened to SUE any competing browsers that implement those webkit extensions. Since webkit has a monopoly in the mobile web, authors are writing to those extensions instead of to the standard. This is EXACTLY what happened in the 90s with IE. It was bad when MS did it then. It is JUST as bad now that apple is doing it.

            So saying "webkit over IE" is not a good thing. It should be "web standards over everything else".
          • Web standard over everything else......YES!!

            IE has in the past been the worst at following even it's own standards. Standards should be the main concern and I agree that licensed Webkit extensions are not a good idea. Chrome follows standard fairly well, but with the problem with VP8 and other recent challenges I am worried Google may not follow the standards set by W3C.

            With the web standard over everything else I would have to say lowering IE8 and before to 0% is the most pressing concern even if that means using Apple Webkit. I would still suggest Firefox over Safari any day.

            Firefox versus Chrome like the article is discussing is harder to say. Both follow standards well. Both function fairly well on multiple platforms. Both have active development team that work with the W3C.

            Hard to say, but YES support standardization over everything else.
          • IE 9 and 10 are vast improvement over 8

            But that doesn't mean MS is behind as most of enterprise sites work only on IE and as they get update, they use 9 and eventually 10, too. Don't count MS out from the race.9 is fast, 10 is superfast and safe to use. Btw, I'm a loyal user of FF, I often use IE10 now a days but FF is enough for me.
    • .

      I tend to use multiple browsers, I like Firefox, and I'm trying out Chrome right now, because I like the way it works on my tablet. However, I still prefer IE9 out of all the browsers I've tried (no IE10 yet for Windows 7).
    • Opera is going webkit

      .... at least for mobile.
      • And Mozilla is faking webkit support

        Yes, I've read this. Not good news for web standards at all. Wouldn't you agree? If not, why is the -webkit extension, and Mozilla's efforts in faking support for it, a good thing for web standards?
        • I don't see it as a bad thing

          Why should a company or someone set the standards!!?!!? Why not let people chose them?!
          The reality is that webkit browsers are being chosen by people, I don't mind that the standard becomes the webkit, it's open and free, everybody can adopt it.

          I remember once an architect instead of set the paths for walkways in a public garden, planted grass all over and after a while they have done the paths where the grass was stepped on - IMO a brilliant idea.

          I don't think webkit is following the IE6 Microsoft’s embrace, extend, and extinguish strategy. That would be really stupid - we now know it haven't worked for MS in the long run.
          • Thanks AleMartin

            "Why should a company or someone set the standards!!?!!? Why not let people chose them?!"

            Since the W3C clearly no longer serves a purpose (after all, it is trying to set standards and apple is saying no) then are you recommending that it should be disbanded?

            If it should NOT be disbanded, what would you envision its purpose should be? I ask because you are now on the record as stating that the standard should be set by the maker of the most popular rendering engine* instead of the W3C.

            * as long as the most popular rendering engine is not made by MS