Fortscale: A security tool kit for Splunk environments

Fortscale: A security tool kit for Splunk environments

Summary: An executive from Fortscale talks about using Splunk to conduct security audits.

TOPICS: Security

Idan Tendler, co-founder of Fortscale, spent a few moments talking about using Splunk's big data tools combined with Fortscale's tool kit to conduct security audits and discover potential vulnerabilities. 

The challenge IT administrators face is that it is often difficult to learn of problematic end user behavior prior to an attack. Tendler said that often this information is buried in various log files of operating systems, database engines and applications. But, it can be hard to find. Expertise is needed in each product being used to be able to find lurking problems.

Fortscale was founded by security experts in order to develop tools to help IT wade through all of the log files automatically to find issues. Tendler pointed out that Splunk Enterprise can be an excellent foundation for this type of work. All that was needed, he said, was a set of tools that would make it easy to find typical vulnerabilities quickly. 

I hope to speak with one of Fortscale's customers to learn how they are using the Fortscale tool kit. 

Topic: Security


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