Foxconn building manufacturing plants in US

Foxconn building manufacturing plants in US

Summary: Taiwanese electronics manufacturing giant, which produces various high-tech devices including Apple iPhone and Amazon Kindle, is evaluating Detroit and Los Angeles, among other cities, as potential sites.


U.S. cities including Detroit and Los Angeles are currently under assessment by Foxconn as potential manufacturing sites, according to Sina News.

However, as the production of Apple products is "very complex", market watchers expect the new plants in the U.S. to only manufacture LCD televisions--the production process of which is highly automated and relatively simple, the report noted.

Terry Guo, president of Foxconn Technology, said the Taiwanese manufacturing company will carry out training programs for engineers in the Unites States, who also will be sent to the Chinese mainland or Taiwan to participate in product design and manufacturing processes.

This training program will provide a Chinese language environment for these engineers, according to Guo, who added having first-hand learning experience at the Chinese manufacturing bases will be helpful when they return to the United States.

Guo earlier this week also said buoyant iPhone 5 demand had put Foxconn in a spot. The complex techniques of producing the new smartphone had affected assemble speeds, making it the "most difficult device ever to assemble", said an unnamed executive from Foxconn. 

Admitting it was difficult to keep up with demand, Guo declined to comment if he had plans for Foxconn International to also manufacture the iPhone 5.  This business unit currently does not make Apple products, manufacturing instead for other major clients Nokia, Motorola, and HTC.

Foxconn International's share price surged over 30 percent this week after market rumors suggested this unit of Foxconn Technology was going to make iPhone 5.

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  • Good Start

    People need to believe that these things are fair. If we are going to buy your products, you have to participate fully as part of the local economy.
    • People need to KNOW it, with honesty.

      "Belief" merely justifies or accepts any lies being told and trickery being executed by the companies involved. People need to know. The truth. Otherwise things will never be even remotely fair, since the liars will manipulate their way and get folks to blindly swallow it.
  • Am I interpreting this incorrectly...

    when I read that they don't think the complex work can be done here? If yes, is it because they don't think that American workers are capable? I am sincerely trying to understand what they mean.
    • Foxconn is right. We lave Vocational skilled workers in the US.

      The problem is we been hell bent to sending young people to college that we neglected Vocational education.
      The situation is like Ford need Assembly line workers but the US education system is only producing Automotive engineers.
      • Now think of the college costs and student loans incurred

        just for the ability to get through the door for a job that pays nothing by comparison!
    • It's about lowering wages ("cost")

      but then wondering why nobody is spending, followed by the corporation's demand for more tax cuts, tax breaks, "subsidy" (welfare), price wars, and driving down wages to keep the illusion of "profit" up.

      It's a spiral to the bottom.
  • You have to be an idiot to believe this story

    Are you really so delusional that you would be live that a company like Foxconn would ever consider building a manufacturing facility in LA and Detroit?? Two places where labor is more expensive that anywhere else in the continental US?
  • They're Taking Away Our Jobs!

    Shame to see our domestic companies moving jobs to foreign countries like this.
    • Well, given how much taxpayer money goes to corporations that offshore,

      your comment is a little strange.

      Foxconn is not an American company and I don't recall reading where they take money from the US government in the form of subsidy/welfare/handouts to be propped up with.

      Still, noting how one of Apple's previous CEOs made every excuse in the book as to why he would not hire Americas, and the "blame unions" meme had me snickering when he mentioned that as well, this new article saying Foxconn wants to hire here flies in the face of that former CEO. Ironic and interesting, absolutely... and Apple's lobbyists has helped ensure Apple gets its way on any number of issues, including receiving corporate welfare.

      So, in a free market where no company gets any handouts from government, it's a lesser issue. But as long as American companies offshore jobs AND take even a penny in taxpayer-funded favors or tax cuts or tax breaks, our people do own some part of those jobs. Or maybe you can explain why our tax money is given to companies that gut this country and leave it?